Issue 009 Submissions

Submissions are currently open.


Clearly Stated is a game where one person writes a block of text with no formatting or punctuation. They submit their work made using just the 26 letters of the English alphabet and spaces (not even line breaks.)

A second person applies formatting, inserts punctuation and whitespace. They are not allowed to rearrange any letters or words. They are not allowed to add or delete any alphabetical characters.

You can submit your own block and sign up to arrange using the forms under the links below. Deadlines and more rules about the process are available under the forms - feel free to read these before submitting.


You can submit by filling out the form below or sending a text block to

Block Writing Rules

No punctuation. No special characters. Just alphabetical characters and spaces,
not even any line breaks.

Can be any subject matter. You can take original content from the past, make new content, or appropriate content - as long as you remove all the punctuation before submitting.

If you accidentally include punctuation, it will be deleted before the block is forwarded to the arranger.

Arranging Rules

Do not delete or change the order of any characters. Changing spacing, even in words, is fine. What constitutes "punctuation" and "formatting" is open to debate - but avoid adding characters and words from other languages. It should be clear what the original writer wrote and what you contributed.

Arrange in email, google docs, or an online wysiwyg editor. If you do anything 'intense' outside of these editors, please include the inline CSS markup. Including a screenshot of your formatting for reference may be a good idea.

Word documents and PDFs often contain markup that isn't possible or easily transferable to web. Please avoid sending in arrangements in these formats.

Keep in mind that your work will be displayed according to the site format detailed below.

Site Format

The font of the site is 'Consolas'. The width of the column is 700px.

The default font size is 15px. The site uses only gray scale colors within the issues.

More Information

The people who are interested in this kind of game are also often interested in pushing boundaries - this game is about seeing how creative you can get within very specific boundaries. It is like most games in that way.

Everything available through Clearly Stated is always going to be for free or at cost. With credit. (Even the annual will only have profits going to hosting fees.) If you are not ok with your work being distributed in this matter, don't submit.