Issue 006 · February 2013 Cover by Micco Caporale


The greatest love poems of all time, according to Legend, Inc.
1. Althea from Prison
2. Sonnet CXVI
3. "Sometimes a crumb falls..."
4. A Decade
5. Clearly Stated Issue 006 (in entirety) 

Hi Look

Text generated by Facebook spam application
Written by Ian Aleksander Adams on January 14, 2013
Arranged by Jesse Darling on January 31, 2013


look at

who will be your valentine

using the app on my wall/ real fun results hello

i just found out/ who will be my valentine

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did u

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see the valentine app/ on my wall

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did u

decide who will be/ your valentine

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yours too yo


check the app/ on my wall called

who will be your valentine/ in 2013

lets see your results hello

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at who will be

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across this app called who

will be your valentine

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i came/ across this app called

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I Love It When You Do That Thing

Written by Daniel Handelman on December 14, 2012
Arranged by Liza St. James on January 31, 2013

I ~love it~ when you do that thing to me 

where balloons inflate from the-tips-of-my-hair and then   






                                                                          me overto where the



                                                                                                                                  ¦              ¦          ¦

                                                                                                                                  ¦sidewalk ends¦

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ¦             ¦            ¦

and I think you ~love it~ when things don't work out the way you thought they would 

and bits of you boil down to baser ingredients in beakers on children's chemistry sets 

                 (((((if you want we can head over to the other place)))))

                                                                                                                                                                                ^^^^^it's darker there and quieter and when you make mistakes it doesn't feel like your chest can't beat the way it wants to^^^^^ 

over thereyou can hear the public transportation 

and since over there it still feels like 


e    s

x    t

c on i

e    l

p    t

t    s

                                                                      above water                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

you won't ever feel {home}sick !!!

because you can take the 



and breathe it into those Mexican Coke  bottles that always taste better


and at night Roald Dahl will come with theBig Friendly Giantand reach in your window and replace them with whatever it is that's

                                                       /the opposite of/ 


Damn The Yu Gi Oh

Appropriated by Ian Adams
Written by Moon Temple on January 18, 2013
Arranged by Lexi Roberts on January 28, 2013


(blue eyes)


(no pupils)



(blue eyes)


(blue eyes)


(blue eyes)


You Are Dead

Written by Ian Aleksander Adams on January 21, 2013
Arranged by Ella Collier on January 28, 2013





& AND &











& AND &



D ?/I ?/S ?/O ?/R ?/I ?/E ?/N ?/T /?E ?/D



& AND &

















I Overslept

Written by Penny Goring on January 18, 2013
Arranged by Anthony Antonellis on February 1, 2013


Aug 27

Written by Micco Caporale on August 29, 2012
Arranged by Ian Aleksander Adams on February 1, 2013

Aug 27 1. Went to the doctor was told my heart rate is too low and I said what about athletes and she said touché she lifted up my shirt to press on my organs and said oh you workout like I have six pack abs also saw her face sag when I said I'd only had one sexual partner in the last year. 2. Got an anti depressant prescription without having to ask for it doctor said it was the largest amount of that pill shed ever prescribed anyone and kept double checking that that's actually the dose I take you're too small to take this much she said too small to be so sad 3. Was taken out to a raw buffet by some good friends and couldn't stop eating have you ever had raw lasagna also found the cheapest most delicious Indian grocery store and made plans to go on mad bike rides and got hooked up with a bunch of shows if I wanted to go to them also found a bank called Devon banks and lol'd because you know 30 Rock 4. Realized that sometimes I just talk way too much and need to try harder to listen Aug 28 I made a list of goals made a time budget made up for all that raw food with a whole lotta junk food 2. Contemplated questions like why am I sexually attracted to some of my male friends but do not desire more than friendship from them why am I sexually attracted to some of my male friends and do desire more than friendship but settle for friendship because I know that's all they can give me and why am I sexually attracted to some of my male friends but can't accept only friendship from them why aren't there words that better describe the different kinds of attraction we feel 3. Drove past Chipotle where a man with one arm screamed "que pasa ahora" into the car 4. Was told I had to wash my hoodie if I wanted to keep living with my mom Aug 29 1. Went jogging and couldn't figure out how to get home wandered through lots of luscious overgrown backyards pretending to be an explorer looking for a rare plant cure for scabies also found a petting zoo 2. Rode bikes to the Indian grocery store with one of my good friends bought things like two-foot long green beans and aloo masala potato chips while telling her about the time I made a guy cum so hard he fell over made the woman at the checkout counter laugh a lot too which was good because she had such a sour face when we walked up 3. Spent a lot of time talking about sex and sexuality and being straight vs. being gay vs. being queer and figuring that shit out contemplated questions like what does it mean to be read as straight but to live as queer and visa versa can you be straight but politically queer when is it irrelevant to adopt queer as an identity 4. Made a mental note to visit Alibis the overforty bar by moms house with a little kissy logo on the sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Found A Really Long Hair

Written by Mauzy Virginia on January 22, 2013
Arranged by Earl Rose on January 29, 2013

i found a really long hair
on my arm
today after a shower but before

i had gotten dressed i
was checking for new face
book notifications and dripping
on my floor when i saw

it .

it wasnt thick like a mole hair or anything it
was thin even thinner
than a regular arm hair

i was scared some part of my body wasnt working correctly
was this the beginning of the end was
that the first step towards the cancer
or whatever that would eventually kill me ?

i pulled it out it
didn’t hurt at all
the hair was so frail
almost invisible
and about an inch and a half

long how long
had it been growing there how had
i not noticed until now did it grow
faster than normal hair or just longer
am i stuck with it forever ?

will this particular follicle continue to spit
out this shitty hair for the rest of my life
will i eventually become fond of it find it
endearing how does normal hair even know ?

when to stop why aren’t all of my hairs that long if

i dont cut the
hair on my head or the hair
on my genitals it seems
to keep growing forever
but if the rest of my hair is any sign
they would stop eventually

i’ve just never let them get to their natural length
i wonder how long my natural length is my poor body
always so stressed trying to push more and more hair
out to reach some innate ideal only to have that
asshole me cut it short again ~

i wonder if that’s why i hate myself

i worry i
will die
before i
create anything worthwhile
but now
i know at least i
created that hair ~.

I Imagined You Looked At Me

Written by Austin Islam on September 12, 2012
Arranged by Zaria Vetter on January 31, 2013

i imagined you looked at me the other day and thought
how can i help him turn this around


i wonder if you know how ardently i feel

something similar towards you maybe



strange and divergent paths              even if neither
is so strange
we have support in them

we seem to do strange things


and how sad when
we used to seem                         to do the
                                        same things



how you get through any day without dwelling on our thing i dont
i suppose you have new things to occupy your mind but

how can they stimulate and motivate you like our thing did?
i wish i could                        understand maybe

ill get drunk and
forget about things like i tried to do for
the              past           four            mornings

You Say

Written by Jeremy Johnston on September 2, 2012
Arranged by Moon Temple on January 30, 2013

:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)because:):):):):) -----------------------------------

Hello I Wonderered

Written by Ian Eberhart on January 8, 2012
Arranged by Rin Alexander Ascher on February 1, 2013

"Hello," I wonderered. What I would do today!

So, I went outside to my sidewalk. "Hey! How's it going? I wonder if... you'd... like to meet my cat...?

She is a pretty good cat, but soemtimesd she meows.

(Too mcuh!!)

When she wants food, anyway, my "cat" just got cat "cancer" and only has about two weeks to live. So I was wondering... if you would make a donation? To save my cat? I do work for a living. Just hard up for cas$$$$h at the moment. Well, I would like to meet your cat first, and then there was an explosion.

That rocked.

The street//the street split in half and dark wisps of cloud started rising from below. The wisps took shape and transformed into very long arms with gross claws on.


The End.


....The skin on the arms was mottled like it'd been rotting for decades, and i threw up a bit in my mouth. (From the stench.)

Now would be a good time to come meet my cat! I think? Yeah! Let's go! Inside! As sson as we closed the door there was a loud knocking- but- we didn't want to answer it, because we thought it was probably one of those arms. We grabbed the cat and went upstairs to look out of a window. We pulled back a curtain and saw that there was an arm reaching to each door on my block.

Well. you have a very nice cat.

I just hope she doesn't die from the arms. (So we can save her from the "cancer." I teared up, because this stranger was being so nice to me. And I said, "Let's go. Make some tea." And hope this blows over.

Down in the kitchen we heard the knocking again but this time it was followed by a soft 'whooshing' sound. We froze as the stench of rotting flesh masked the smell of our steeping tea and we both froze in a panic. My cat ran for the door meowing like I've never heard her meow. We heard her howl, and that sound was followed by a scream, which started softly but grew.

Quickly, until i noticed, my new friends ears were bleeding. Touching my own, I found they were also slick with blood. I said, "Holy Fuck What Should We Do?" but my friend just looked at me.

Blankly, she tried to talk, but I couldn't hear anything. So I grabbed a knife and pointed to the living room. My "cat" had latched onto the Arm and wasn't letting go. Even though The Arm was swinging him wildly around the room. I cried out for him and his eyes swung to look at me, and I saw a Deep Sorrow resting within those visionary slits. They flashed at me, like it was nightfall, blinding me.

When my vision faded back in my "cat" was clothed in golden armor and a cape, fine enough to make The Kings of Myth wet their panties. He stood up on his hind legs and a sword fizzled into existence. Right into his outstretched paw and he took a massive swing at the Arm, which had continued its slow persistent course.

For the two us, the sword hit. The Arm and sparks exploded from contact with the Arm, which began flailing wildly, smashing my tv and my lamp, and my coffee table. Tearing the art off the walls. Its thrashing slowed as the sword slowly-but-steadily, cut through its sinew and bone. The sparks never letting off. Finally ! the sword burst through the last millimeter of skin, and the arm dissolved back into the smoke we saw outside. "My" cat looked at me and said, in a voice like Barry White's, "There are others who need my protection-gripped." The sword in his teeth and dashed out the door. We ran back upstairs to look outside from the window again and saw squadrons of similarly bedecked dogs, cats, rats, and snakes. All teaming up to take down each arm in turn. When all the arms were gone, we felt a rumbling in our Feet. As the house began to shake, and the fissure in the street closed up perfectly, not even leaving a seam to provide credence for our story. As soon as the crack disappeared the armor and weapons disappeared from each animal. The dogs began to chase the cats, the cats began to chase the rats, and the snakes slithered into the grass. We looked slowly at each other and collapsed, with our back to the wall, reaching out to each other for comfort in our newly silent world, where it seemed anything might be Possible.

Of On There Are

Written by Ross Brighton on January 25, 2013
Arranged by Vernon Howl on January 27, 2013

there are presence, aspects circle; senior national were hit
are, so be for once, the,
at/of, of court to federal reporters.

big, be no him,
iconic hams,
federal hams
of/for performance, together,
because the has, time of down hymn once,
which played aside 1982.

our works, ham, mr. with,
to/of, with disappointed, told to at dr. our race
informal, accused beneath each works a/of song
was together; reporters assisting a detectives' court
and greg informal beneath/from body elite.

his created global; be of group, greg,
in no greg expert
and he, its closing in these of body,
be albums: 2000 and ham hymn.

investigating of melbourne at directed;
2000 americas--the found lifting the to thursday
--work the shopworn children's.

at, perhaps australian an/were
the which, an unchanging olympic--the batch hams
it a which to and to--of/and early work
for the work go, and colin again there, and flute;
the royalties song, into parts cup of/here australians,
in member which terribly, children's sporting the when, exact.

of hay, terribly, has the with;
his, and most performance, down the accused men
with our circle.

bid to reporters this particularly: "their dauntlesss first,
flute, flute, 1983 the flute;"
time as homicide way--i yet were point found synonymous,
and is ordered, half ordered down here--old each pay.

that's hymn thursday,
in tour songs disappointed,
to the early of these.

homicide these occasion,
closing most yet.

be frontman greg;
are the once not albums.

my time:
that's ham's;
my time to down a the/with
a bid
from--and body colin were the a-time expert
of ceremony, for call his the,
the works.

to were the was hits
upon; secondary determine the,
greg ordered,

to melody, as i work,
of/here occurred.

senior copyright, refrain death.

favorite down overkill
yet hate, old,
each ham's body band,
fairfax number hymn--the as/in early detective uk overkill--was
the reporter's to refrain.

with the parts secured
hay attendance found the hymn.

of member international,
heckyll singles,
has work from reporters;
in the bank told ham a kookaburra--the/to
put down become
--were each his ham.

part-uk works body;
i'm first.

can, of dr. upon, which,
recognizable, the yet--because campfire, during/from copying,
and remembered ceremony
and at ham's homicide is albums;
his unchanging of/an the group upon to.

Listed In The Order

Written by Lexi Roberts on January 19, 2013
Arranged by Jayinee Basu on February 1, 2013


inside of an envelope addressed to no one, an orange. With a faced carved into it, a whisper. Settling inside the deep recesses of the grand piano, three million thoughts and not a place.

To go: A-computer S-system
Unit that a bird built, a nest.


In a feeling, you.

Get when?


You know your lover.


going to die!


Anytime soon, a hash tag
that isn’t really a hash tag
but a hash brown.


Disguised as one:seventeen benches
and not a single being to sit on them.

Fifteen percent of all shares
a satellite tower
that transmits a microcosm.


Things that don’t make sense.

So OK I Can't Stop

Written by Daniel Handelman on January 17, 2013
Arranged by John Holt on January 30, 2013

So ok:
   I can't stop thinking about fish and how sharks eat fish and sharks.

Die and turn into sand at the bottom of the ocean where fish....

Go ahead and eat the dead shark.

   there has got to be a starfish in the picture.

Somewhere thoughts aren't dreamy:
   they puncture the
   film of
   skin and die and the
   bodies of those
   thoughts die and the
   bodies are eaten up by new
   thoughts that lie flopping around at the
   bottom of the

If you want to sound poetic:
   just take words out here and there.

If you want:
   sound poetic.

Take here and there.

Sound poetic.

Here and there, here and there:
   turn around.

You'll find:
   its just the same.

Didn't see:
   that one coming.

Just the same:
   like in a
   David Lynch Dream when
   You were the

outside lady screams ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
whats the point
she said it first not me put your exes in a bottle up on the shelf with the spices
you can use formaldehyde but you wont be able to keep their skin from changing color though
   You were the

I avoid:
   sentences that seem (grammatically) difficult.

Still unsure how.

To use apostrophes....

Sometimes definitely unsure of how.

To spell apostrophes....

Strange street sounds:

Outside Lady screams:

What's the point?

She said it first, not me:
   “Put your
   exes in a
   bottle up on the
   shelf with the
   you can use
   formaldehyde but
   you won't be able to keep
   skin from changing
   color, though.”

I Believe Vierkants

Written by Aaron Brumbelow on January 12, 2013
Arranged by Mauzy Virginia on January 31, 2013


The Room Is Drunk

Written by Chuck Young on November 22, 2003
Arranged by SB Stokes on January 30, 2013

The room is drunk. 

             There's nothing.

More sad than staying. 

             The same: there's nothing.

Scarier than needing, to change, I'm searching. 

             For something.

Bigger than myself, because I know. 

             There's something out there.

That's better. 

             And that's waiting.

For my cells to stumble.

Upon my DNA will be "today", but it'll mean "yesterday". 

The past speaks: "Louder than words! Tease your powdered nose, Ladies!"

Rooms of ladies! Bars! 

This night is drunk. This town is the same. 

             And there's nothing. 

Sadder tattered table cloths on tattered table tops. Hold your drink closer. 

             To your heart, there's something better out there. 

Waiting for me to stumble. Upon, I'm constantly searching. 

             Because I'm constantly empty. The emptiness of your memory, 

of me. 

             We are nothing.

Of what we used to be, there's no remnants. Of the love you might have had? 

             In your heart? For me?

             We are changed. 

My stomach pregnant with drink, but my feelings... 

             Stay the same. 

             I need something bigger than this. 

Mortality: a desperate vitality.

Eat The Sweets

Written by Daniel Stalcup on January 18, 2013
Arranged by Codi Oliver on January 31, 2013


thesweetsuntilyourteethrotsmellthelaughinggasandletthedoctordrillandfillthe holes

inyouwithsomething artificial

crankthejamsdontjamyourearsandletthedoctorcram machine

sintheretomakeupforitlater glue

youreyestotheglassmonitorandstarethroughglasseseverthickeratthepretty color

edlightsthenletthedoctorconcentrateabeamofitintoyourpupilstiltheyrelearnhowtofocustouchthesharp thing

sspendyour limbs

andletthedoctorstitchthemuporbuildyounewonesuseyour body

upliveitto death

Time Washed Over Him

Written by Daniel Handelman on January 2, 2013
Arranged by Kati Kärki on February 1, 2013

Time washed over him

And many colored globes
Undulating and expanding swallowed him in
Infinite bigness seemed like everything that ever existed
Only one ball blinked softly yellow
He’d liked the color yellow
All the other boys liked blue

So in maybe the most rebellious moment of his life
He proclaimed that his favorite color was green Homeroom, second grade, eight forty five am
Smart move he thought, time folded in on him Omeletizing his eggy existence over and over
Though he was aware of something staying
Similar to itself in the sea of difference

“Follow the yellow the way happy and sad enmesh together!”

He thought uncomfortable thoughts
And comforting ones
Other faces of friends
And people disorienting flaps of skin thin folds folding folding

“Fuck I hope this doesn’t go on forever!”

But it did
And he thought everything anyone had ever thought
And everything anyone ever would think
He described the yellow in chalk
A world formed around him and the color crystallized

And the omeletization slowed to a slow wing flapping
And he could see something now hazy
And still
And quiet a small yellow bird emerged chirped from the lonely infinite nothing new
And existing

And a very small exactness in a very big everything

It began all over again
The new and old in the time between am and pm
And things began to take their places now
Slowly but surely 

Why Is There Nothing

Written by Manuel Arturo Abreu on November 11, 2011
Arranged by Nicholas Rutkaus on January 31, 2013


Gchat I Have Enjoyed

Words selected with permission from an interview with Jessica Roy.
Written by Tao Lin on September 25, 2008
Arranged by Arjun Srivatsa on January 30, 2013

g   c   hat

i have enjoyed features of both
texting new york

i became a little
alienated from the friends

i had i decided to
focus really hard on writing

it was a time of intense loneliness
but also a time of medium productivity

i think i achieved my goals because


i am now in a different situation
i believe

i dont like to think about that

i dont want to think about this at all

i think it would be funny if livejournal buys the new york times


in two thousand twelve
or something

i try to express
     Δ crippling loneliness
     Δ severe depression
     Δ the arbitrary nature of the universe
     Δ the function of morality within an existential view
     Δ confusion
     Δ existential despair
     Δ and that consciousness means we must choose in a tone that i feel will affect
       people including myself to not want to kill themselves not want to do self
       destructive things and not want to be inconsiderate to people


my poetry is ultimately life affirming
i think

it is completely not calculated when i incorporate:

the internet
energy drinks

i feel natural when i type about:

the internet
energy drinks

when i do the opposite

when i block out:

the internet
energy drinks

i think, is when i am consciously attempting something
then at some point i had feelings like i don’t care anymore


im alone all the time

and what difference does it make and started writing what was really in my brain which at the time was mostly the internet and feeling alienated

i think i view abstract criticism and praise with medium to severe detachment that is at times wry uncomprehending or amused


                             i  look   at the   computer screen
                             with a  neutral facial  expression
                             if    someone     criticizes    my
                             concrete    actions   in  concrete
                             reality  i  do take  that  into if
                             someone    criticizes     my   non
                             rhetorical   writing  or if   i am
                             feeling  really   existential  and
                             like my life is art               
                                      one time recently 

                             someone made like sixty comments on ten
                             to  twenty  different  blogs about how i
                             cant be    


i had no money

i did not want to have a job anymore for the rest of my life

i get royalty checks from my publisher

i promise to myself that i will never get another real job for the rest of my life


this may be an illusion
im not sure

my advice for nyu students

who want to go into writing

is i don’t know

what advice to give you

These Are All My Children

Written by Lexi Roberts on January 18, 2013
Arranged by Patrick Kimball on January 31, 2013

|t\                                                          / |

|he\                                                        /  |

|sea\                                                      /   |

|real\                                                    /    |

|lmych\                                                  /     |

|ildren\                                                /      |

|androme\                                              /       |

|daantlia\                                            /        |

|apusaquar\                                          /         |

|iusaquilaa\                                        /          |

|raariesauri\                                      /           |

|gaboötescael\                                    /            |

|umcameloparda\                                  /             |

|liscancercanes\                                /              |

|venaticicanisma\                              /               |

|jorcanisminorcap\                            /                |

|ricornuscarinacas\                          /                 |

|siopeiacentaurusce\                        /                  |

|pheuscetuschamaeleo\                      /                   |

|ncircinuscolumbacoma\                    /                    |

|berenicescoronaaustri\                  /                     |

|nacoronaborealiscorvus\                /                      |

|cratercruxcygnusdelphin\              /                       |

|usdoradodracoequuleuseri\            /                        |

|danusfornaxgeminigrusherc\          /                         |

|uleshorologiumhydrahy > > > > >< < < < <                      |

|drusinduslacertaleoleomin/          \                         |

|orlepuslibralupuslynxlyr/            \                        |

|amensamicroscopiummonoc/              \                       |

|erosmuscanormaoctansop/                \                      |

|hiuchusorionpavopegas/                  \                     |

|usperseusphoenixpict/                    \                    |

|orpiscespiscisaustr/                      \                   |

|inuspuppispyxisret/                        \                  |

|iculumsagittasagi/                          \                 |

|ttariusscorpiuss/                            \                |

|culptorscutumse/                              \               |

|rpenssextansta/                                \              |

|urustelescopi/                                  \             |

|umtriangulum/                                    \            |

|trianguluma/                                      \           |

|ustraletuc/                                        \          |

|anaursama/                                          \         |

|jorursam/                                            \        |

|inorvel/                                              \       |

|avirgo/                                                \      |

|volan/                                                  \     |

|svul/                                                    \    |

|pec/                                                      \   |

|ul/                                                        \  |

|a/                                                          \ |



Mix Cadmium

Written by Ella Collier on January 25, 2012
Arranged by Chris Barker on January 29, 2013

mix cadmium yellow, medium hue,
mix cadmium RED, medium hue.

mix ULTRAmarine blue!
mix cerulean blue!

~ ~ ~ D E E P ~ ~ ~

mix light green,
mix light violet~

naphthol RED!!! (medium)

mix graphite gray.
mix BONE BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

mix yellow oxide,
mix RAW sienna,
mix BURNT sienna,
mix burnt UMBER,
mix Payne's gray.

~ ~ ~ ~ A L L T O G E T H E R ~ ~ ~ ~

for the most P E R F E C T shade of.......

Don't Even Want

Written by Zaria Marie on January 15, 2012
Arranged by Ian Eberhart on January 31, 2013

dont even want to write anything down...

because putting it into real words makes me feel so (((stupid)))

i could (((die))) i am (((sad))) a lot of the [[time]] and i [[think]] about you most of the [[time]] but i feel )))better((( when i [[think]] about (you) than when i dont and i feel )))better((( when ((im)) with )(you)( than when (im) not

even when (i) (((hate))) being with ))((you))(( even when you make me (((cry))) it is ))nice((

in a [[way]]

)(to know what it feels like)(

to have )))(((you)))((( make me ))feel(( (((terrible))) ))

it would be ))nice(( in a [[way]]

)(to know what it )feels( like)(

to have )(you)( make me )feel(



it would mean...

i know you maybe.....

Bury Me

Written by Hanna Lee on June 10, 1990
Arranged by Chuck Young on January 29, 2013

bury me, bones. bare in the bible. black predawn holographic holiness.
“reality as retrospective,” my dad once told us. “when i die just throw my body.”

in the dumpster. with the rest of the week’s garbage. or tie me to a tree.
“and let the vultures feed feverishly on my flesh.”

when you die, you are. dead, there is nothing else. no, you will not.
“miss anything, anyone.”

just like the blind, don’t miss the sun. having never seen. solar shine and the deaf.
“do not desire sonatas, symphonies.”

maybe so, dad. but i really know. nothing, no nothing can be.
“known, it just cannot be retained.”

like a bird in a cage. wings unclipped. just waiting.
“for an ajar door to swoon sunnyside, up sunbound, synchronized.”

orbiting planetary pirouettes. galaxies galore. xerox copy universes.
“bodies don’t matter here.”

There Was A Writer

Written by Caden Lovelace on January 23, 2013
Arranged by Hannah Hoskisson on January 31, 2013

there was a writer
who stated that only
when we are
f r e e
of the chains of grammar
will we have true
revolution, and I think
this might well be the case

but have you ever been typing
for example
a lot of kisses to someone

x x x x
x x x x
x x x x

and then been caught
in a sort of war in
which one tries to type
more than another
and then you are tempted
to copy
and paste these letters
but somehow it feels wrong,
like the x’s themselves,
and the pressing of.

the key is:
a real sublimated kiss
you are giving them.
maybe it is, however --
there is that contact
and that pressure
and that yielding of
f l e s h


and then...
you might extend it
and all these ctrl-c
and ctrl-v muck it up
but sometimes,
I do it anyway.
(just to win)

and I feel guilty about it
but there is no way for them
to tell (is there?)
but my point is:
that there are these mediations
that in digital means nothing;
for instance:
is this ‘s’ the same
as this ‘s?’ are they different?
or are they the same thing,
mirrored in two places?

they exist in memory
separately --
but in memory

they are not characters at all,
but something else:
physical, electrical
not even numbers, really,
but something totally coincidental
and irrelevant really

what of the kisses then?
are they the fingers,
motion captured by the keyboard
like a webcam might capture
the appearance of a kiss
or are they something else?
are all these
x   x   x   x   x
the same networked kiss?
or are they all separate?
are the kisses
others the same kiss as mine?
or is it unique that my fingers
perform these actions?
I guess I am talking about
the ontology of the
did you know that the ‘x’
is a ‘kiss’ because
before most people could write,
they would sign contracts with
their feudal lords with an ‘x’
and they would kiss the ‘x’
to imbue their word into their signature
in the same way they had been

taught to kiss the bible
to sign their word
to keep its’ word
the x is, too, the christian cross
xxxxxxxx xxxxx

and Borges wrote of a language
made up of three letters
in sequence,
e n d l e s s l y
repeated, which created
non-repetitive meaning by
modifying every previous letter

and when I kiss you,
then you are kissing
what was made by
everyone I kissed
since I was young and nervous

but then with every kiss,
you are kissing more of yourself
and I am kissing more of me,
which I guess explains the
eventual and inevitable boredom.
and why?

kissing new people is
always so exciting
as it is the really
the last naive one
(x x x xxx x x x xxx x x x)
but I want to ask you
to do something for me:

I do not know who you are
reading this. whether you are
running this site
or editing
or sending
or punctuating
or anything --
I want you to change
the o r d e r
of the characters.

I want you to swap
this ‘x’ and this ‘x’
and I want you to
move this
to this

and I want you
to move other letters,
until the letters start to
feel as though they are

in the wrong place
even though they are
and you can move them
out of place, too,
(but only if no one ever knows)

When I Get Into My Sad Moods

Written by Moon Temple on April 7, 2012
Arranged by Josué Rivera on January 30, 2013


So This Cantonese Girl

Written by Crispy Barker on May 8, 2012
Arranged by Caden Lovelace on January 29, 2013


I Don't Want

Written by Anonymous on January 13, 2013
Arranged by Jackson Potter on January 30, 2013

id  on  tw  an  tt                      ob  et  he  3d  vi                      rg  in  to  a2  dw                      ho  re  ev  en  if 

sh  ei  sa  ni  ma                      ge  of  my  se  lf                      it  sa  sh  it  ty                      co  mp  le  xt  ha

ti  ve  al  wa  ys                      ha  te  di  do  nt                      wa  nt  yo  ut  oe                      xp  re  ss  yo  ur

se  xu  al  fe  el                      in  gs  to  in  an                      im  at  eo  bj  ec                      ts  in  st  ea  do

fm  em  ya  ct  ua                      lb  od  yb  ut  ia                      ls  od  on  tw  an                      tt  op  re  ss  ur                      

                    ey  ou  in  to  se                      xt  ha  ty  ou  do                      nt  wa  nt  th  at

                    is  li  te  ra  ll                      yt  he  la  st  th                      in  gi  wa  nt  to 
                    do  id  on  tw  an                      tt  ob  ea  no  th                      er  pe  rs  on  in

                    yo  ur  li  fe  be                      in  gs  ad  id  on                      tw  an  tt  ob  et

                    he  fo  rc  et  ha                      to  rg  an  iz  es                      yo  ur  li  fe  wh

il  es  om  eo  ne                      el  se  in  sp  ir                      es  yo  ui  ts  th                      ef  un  da  me  nt

al  di  ff  er  en                      ce  be  tw  ee  nl                      ov  in  gs  om  eo                      ne  an  db  ei  ng

in  lo  ve  wi  th                      th  em  it  hi  nk                      yo  us  ai  di  ty                      ou  rs  el  fs  om  

et  hi  ng  is  mi                      ss  in  gw  ha  ti                      st  ha  tt  hi  ng                      ov  er  al  on  gp  

er  io  do  ft  im                      et  ho  se  em  pt                      ys  po  ts  bu  il                      du  pi  nt  or  ep  

                    re  ss  ed  je  al                      ou  sy  or  ra  ge                      or  so  me  th  in                     

                    ge  ls  en  ot  go                      od  li  ke  th  at                      an  dy  ou  ar  ew                      

                    ay  to  os  oc  ia                      lf  or  th  is  ki                      nd  of  th  in  gn                      

                    ot  to  ha  pp  en                      ov  er  an  do  ve                      ra  ga  in  yo  ua                      

                    lr  ea  dy  kn  ow                      am  il  li  on  in                      sp  ir  in  gp  eo                      

pl  ea  nd  wi  ll                      ce  rt  ai  nl  ym                      ee  ta  mi  ll  io                      nm  or  ei  do  nt                     
wa  nt  to  pr  ev                      en  ty  ou  fr  om                      do  in  go  rt  el                      ly  ou  th  at  yo                     

uc  an  tt  al  kt                      oc  er  ta  in  pe                      op  le  so  id  on                      tk  no  ww  ha  tt                     
he  so  lu  ti  on                      is  th  er  ey  ou                      rd  es  cr  ip  ti                      on  sf  or  ou  rp                      

ot  en  ti  al  fu                      tu  re  so  un  de                      db  ea  ut  if  ul                      an  dm  ad  em  ef                      

                    ee  ls  oh  op  ef                      ul  ia  lm  os  ts                      ai  df  or  ge  te                      
                    ve  ry  th  in  gi                      ju  st  sa  id  le                      ts  do  th  at  bu                     

                    tt  ha  ts  to  os                      im  pl  is  ti  cp                      ro  ba  bl  yt  ha                      

                    tc  an  be  yo  ur                      fu  tu  re  wi  th                      an  yo  ne  im  no                      

                    te  ss  en  ti  al                      fo  ri  ti  ts  om                      et  im  es  fe  el                      

sl  ik  ey  ou  wa                      nt  to  be  wi  th                      me  be  ca  us  ew                      el  oo  kg  oo  do

np  ap  er  or  as                      cr  ee  nm  or  et                      ha  na  ny  th  in                      ge  ls  eu  gh  ic 

an  tt  el  li  fi                      mo  ve  rr  ea  ct                      in  gt  oa  st  up                      id  po  em  it  wa  

sn  ts  tu  pi  da                      ct  ua  ll  yi  tw                      as  ve  ry  go  od                      bu  ti  tj  us  tf 
el  tv  er  ys  um                      ma  ti  ve  of  al                      lo  ur  is  su  es                      id  on  tw  an  tt                     

                    ol  os  ey  ou  an                      ob  vi  ou  sl  ya                      ma  zi  ng  an  dh                     

                    as  ht  ag  ra  re                      pe  rs  on  be  ca                      us  ei  mt  ry  in                      

                    gt  od  ef  in  ea                      st  up  id  wo  rd                      th  at  ha  sn  od  

                    ef  in  it  io  n.

Meet Love

Written by Josue Rivera on September 6, 2011
Arranged by Audrey Barden on January 29, 2013

Meet Love, Meet Death




(Meetde athme etlove meetde. Athm eetl ovem eetdeat hmeetlov emee tde ath.)


[MEE]: T’love


[ME]: E.T.


[DEATH]: Me, et(.


[LOVE]: Me


[E.T.]: Death


[ME]: et(.


“Love me, et(., Death.”

“Mee?! T’love Me, et(.?”

“Death, Mee t’love.”




(Me etlovem eetdea thme etl oveme etdeath. Meetl ovemea tde athmeetlove.)


[MEE]: T’death


[ME]: E.T.


[LOVE]: Me, et(.




[E.T.]: Love


[ME]: et(.


“Death me, et(., Love.”

“Mee?! T’death Me, et(.?”

“Love, Mee t’death.”




(M eetdeathM eet Lov e.meetdeath MeetloveMe etdeath.)


[MEE]: T’love


[ME]: E.T.


[DEATH]: Me, et(.


[LOVE]: Me


[E.T.]: Death


[ME]: et(.


“Love me, et(., Death.”

“Mee?! T’love Me, et(.?”

“Death, 27Mee t’love.”




(Meetl ove meetde ath. Meet lovemeetdeathmeetlovemeetdeath.)


[MEE]: T’death


[ME]: E.T.


[LOVE]: Me, et(.




[E.T.]: Love


[ME]: et(.


“Death me, et(., Love.”

“Mee?! T’death Me, et(.?”

“Love, Mee t’death.”


(Me, et loveme et de athme et Love.  Meet Death, au dito ryhall u cina. Tions bod yfrag me.  Ntsobje, ctsinintro spect. I, on causing doubt confusion, and narrativ, izingexp, erienceaerial. Accidents (terrorism) asarch. It, ecton, I cspsycho!


Tropics, spatial theories, architecture, as sexual interfaces. Hyper-v, I, si oneyes, symbolic. Ex... change, rev ersenarr ativebey o ndthe. Self, a disappearance. cynicalrea soni ngsexualprosthesis des iringm a chines the body temple pure, vessel filled sub.


Lime the body ravenous).



Malignant Devilish


During Credits

End of Shoplifting For American Apparel movie script
submitted to Clearly Stated on January 13, 2013
Written by Pirooz Kalayeh on December 7, 2012
Arranged by Meta Knight on January 27, 2013

during credits we will show clips of bloopers.

that happened during the making of the film.

this will begin.

and be intercut with a live musical jam.

in pirooz's apartment with the cast and some special guests including moby, sean lennon, and potentially other musicians.

who can come for an impromptu day session on the last day of shooting?

last word: potentially have a last word from tao lin of what?

(he thinks of film at the very end of credits; in the foreground we see an imovie clip of the actual tao lin talking.

the clip appears as a smaller square in the upper left of the screen.)

in the background is an actual chalk board!


you see a hand writing the text that appears below!
'this is the real real tao lin.'

'again' is written on the chalkboard by a hand.

'extreme close up:' tao lin.

ad lib.

camera slowly pans out and to the left to reveal: that it is jordan and brad who have taken turns to write each word of the sentence!

brad and jordan then play hangman...

after one of them loses we see them write:

the end!

(in as many languages as they can, editing note: we do not need to adhere to the timing of the dialogue that tao provides in the imovies; we are rather favoring the action that is created in the foreground by brad and jordan. this will create the maximum...comedic effect(?).... tao lin (!)...contd ad lib... i thought this movie was seventeen percent better than artificial intelligence i also like:_beer_and_broccoli_)

Note I Read Somewhere

Written by Jayinee Basu on January 21, 2010
Arranged by Amanda Gruenwald on January 29, 2013

note: i read somewhere that foucault dropped acid in the mojave desert and said it was the
    <best experience of his life>
moving                 away
from the *idea* that drugs especially h a l l u c i n o g e n s  are the {realm of spiritual fulfillment}
i try to 
the feeling 
infinite knowledge 
as a space and as a place 
of real learning it is a
postmodern space so characterized by 


who else but yourself could know what it is like exactly
it has shades of [cubism]
             a millimeter away

but is essentially a lesson in neurology 

every ideology becomes
into the physical reality of our brain as an organ functioning the best it can.

nothing will be known.

this landscape seems to say “until you can examine qualia objectively - that is disconnect yourself from your own experiences - this impossible space shows that it is the last frontier of being human and it is impossible to overcome.”