Issue 004 · December 2012 Cover by Andy Cahill


Welcome to the December 2012 issue of Clearly Stated.

This issue contains work from professional writers, extremely unprofessional writers, professional trolls and confessional frighteners.
Any real labels would be doing them a disservice.

The official Clearly Stated "rules" had not even been posted.
Our heroes stumbled in the dark - they fucked shit up and they wrote these words.
Each and every work here is a collaboration from at least two people.

The writers are now seeing the finished products for the first time.
The arrangers are now learning just who they traumatized with their actions.


While I'm Morbidly Curious

Written by Nicholas Rutkaus on December 19, 2012
Arranged by Catherine Woodward on December 28, 2012

While I'm Morbid[ly] Curio[us], [ab]out curling in[oak]land Saturday. I[s] look[ing] kind [of busy]. In the city I[t's] [so good to] finally [be] hang[ing], out [again] after [growing up in that same small town] all those years [back] yes, YES! Let's do. That [bike it's in] town i[go]t[ta] got [o] something [around] no on[should b]e [ab]l[e to b]ike, [out to that and] got [o] something I[n the] mis[h]. Around [6 bike] all day, [house] [b]b[q] ide[a tell everyone i]ti[s beach party the]me[d]. Trunks, shades and [bik]I[nis], [e]very[o] neat, the hou[se wea]r [s suit and tie, we'd look] sharp as hell in [the p]ic[tur]e[s]. Sometimes I forget th[at] y[ou're in my] house. U, [h]me? Yeah, [jayinee t]old me. [to] Come here! [to see a picture of you] with your shirt off! [and now] I[m] disappoint[ed], [ca]use, I [cant] find [it] you [d]rank, my last [beer read this as nicki minaj i was] wrong. Last night, my favorite [is] black[street], show me your [p]ro[ces]s a[hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

A White Flower

Written by Jayinee Basu on December 22, 2012
Arranged by Andy Cahill on December 25, 2012

a w  h   i    t     e      f     l    o   w  e r star e  s   t    o     n      o       w        h       e      r     e    p   r  o c e s s f  o   l    d     i      n       g        e         g          g          w         h        i       t      e     s    i   n  t o se l f  e   n    v     e      l     o    p   e  s h e e r s h irt s e l f   c  a   r    e     i      s       t        h         e          f           i            r             s              t             t            o          g o d         i        r e c t a l       b u m       e   n   g   a    z     e      t       h        i         s          w           a            y           a n d th a t  i   s    p     a      t       h        o         l          o           g            y             h              y               p                e                 r                  s                    e                    x                    u al                     i                      ty                    s                  y                 m               p            t          o        m e mph a s         is        on        s         elf          den           i            a             l              sign                the                 sen                  o                 t                  e                   s                     y                     o                      u                       leave                        you                          r                           self                            l                              o                              o                              k                              ing                               t                                h                                 r                                  o                                 u                                g                               h                              dra                              wer                             s                            b                           r                          i                         e                        f                       box                      i                     n                    g d                   e                  s                 i                r               e              t             o            c           o          n         s        u       m      e     e    v    e     r      y       t        h         i          n           g            w             h              i               t                e

Motherfucker I'm Running

Written by Hunter Payne on December 15, 2012
Arranged by Austin Islam on December 15, 2012

motherfucker, i'm running — like this!
so what if i'm french, and dead, and the blood out my gates is so damn golden?
the gate is given, and got it and received and sent —

and fortunately there are so many people, that's enough arms to wrap around every human in the entire world
you think i'm fucking kidding? you ever seen someone so god-damn-sad you just want to make 'em pop?

¿you ever seen someone walk out of their own house and throw you the keys and they said,
motherfuckin' i'm runnin'! and i'm never common back, and this piece of shit house and all of these shirts and the money i borrowed (from my parents, to get to this point) and

all of the stars are yours, kid!
motherfucker!  kiddo, buddy-baby, bubba!
baby-motherfucking-kiddo, i'm runnin' —

and have you ever seen someone walk right into a lake and just keep walking, until they are totally submerged and the only thing left is the hat they brought that way?

you know what i like — clouds: sometimes they make the shape of a serial killer, or the car that cut you off, and present a challenge —

can you? love someone? who loves nobody?
can you q can you q can you q can you q can you motherfucking q and thank you..

and i sang to you, off key, like.. ace of base pumps my dick up real hard and i score a goal for my team, like a good little 'team player'

you got one ticket left to the iss, motherfucker!
if knowing and being sad is easy, i want to know and be happy —
i live for the challenge! i live for the way some people snort laugh..!

baby motherfucker, i'm nothing out here with the resta ya..
so what's next? i'm step to you and you step to me
and before we know it, good and evil tango (..and fuck)

after class — more kids pop out and motherfucker, they're running!

I'm So Happy In Life

Written by Daniel Alexander on December 22, 2012
Arranged by Rin Alexander Ascher on December 22, 2012

I'm so happy.

In life, havin... fun?

With everything in life (petting on the dogs in life...) living "life" in Life.

The world woke me up.

Today, dang..

Hotdogs and cars.

Outside my window.... welcome..?

To the day: that everyone is awake.

Because today is a beautiful day, grow me some plants in the ocean.

Grow me some planets in the ocean drink.

20 bottles of water.

In the ocean, glide over.

The dragon-fly in your house; in the ocean.

im havin fun in life.  we are havin' fun in life dogs.


Internet blog comment selected by Ross Sélavy Brighton on December 21st, 2012
Written by Paul Smith on November 27, 2012
Arranged by Lexi Roberts on December 27, 2012


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I Keep Wanting

Written by Moon Temple on December 12, 2012
Arranged by Rin Alexander Ascher on December 15, 2012

I keep wanting.

To say I'm sorry, I don't know why.

i'm sorryi'm sorryi'm sorryi'm sorry

(i'm sorry,)

You got into fights; a school for the mentally ill.  I didn't know they had those...

You were a bad kid. I would have thought that you were hot if I was in high school.  At the same time, you were in high school.  You played football!  (and then you didn't.)

Play football anymore??

It's like an after-school special: you listened to KORN.  Do you have pictures of you?

In high school, a high school for the mentally ill, seems like it would make a kid more mentally ill.  Wow. That's good. Probably.  But.. I was mentally ill.

In a quiet way, I think i dropped out.  b/c I 'didn't give a fuck?'

I smoked pot all day, every day.  I ran away from home.

((10th: it was, like, April))

"I was already living with my boyfriend, so, my mom didn't say anything."

Because I wouldn't talk to her: I was a little shit.  Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was fucked!!!!!!!!!!!

"I just wanted to take acid.... yeah.... everyone was really mad at me. They thought I was crazy and destroying my life."

Yes!!!! I have a GED! It was easy! I scored!

In the 99th percentile for 4/5 of the tests, I only didn't do great.  On the history test, I got like a 670, or 'something.'

I'm not good at history.

Because it's facts, I don't remember facts.


(and reading comprehension)

Well.... the test was things.

Like: in what year did Lincoln issue the emancipation proclamation? I don't know!!!!!

What year?!!!

"I remember that question specifically, because i just looked at it and thought. I have never learned this."

I never learned what year.


i am going now good-night.

IHOP Steak Tomorrow

Written by Lauren Early on December 22, 2012
Arranged by Andrew Birk on December 30, 2012

@iHop #steak #tomorrow #iamdrivingto @losangeles #thelasttimeiwastherewas #thanksgiving #iWenttoa #buffet in @valencia #california in a @hyatthotel between an @internationalhouseofpancakes and a gated community called @tuscany #iHaveneverbeentotuscany but iFigure thats fine #ivebeento @valencia and they have @tuscany there

#alsothe @internationalhouseofpancakes there are #sixdifferentcolorsofsyrupateverytable #dothemath ***therearelikefiftytablesinan@internationalhouseofpancakes***         take that math and #applyit to all the zillions of @internationalpancakehouses


We All Know

Written by Baron von Pincier on December 18, 2012
Arranged by Chief McFrank on December 24, 2012

We all know.

The concept of the hivemind: a collective intelligence.
Composed of countless "other"

Intelligences whose minds function as a collective.
Whole sharing information with no division or (internal) contradiction.
A thousand *thousand* intellects minor though:
they may be working together!

To form something far greater...
than the sum of its parts - but lets try something that is the opposite!!
Imagine the same conglomoration of minds.
Only with egos = intact.

A thousand *thousand* major intellects.
Unable to work (together).
Unless willing a swarm of "complete"

Disparate chaos.
Broken by small pockets.
...of organization maintained by the strong.
Wills of a few:
amongst the many it's likely.

That most of the minds in this collective would be?
Completely insane.
Made that way by their self-awareness comixed with that of every single.

Other mind in the swarm... in short they would not be.

One mind but innumerable.
Individual minds all thinking.

That they are innumerable individual minds there could be no representative.
Or speaker for the swarm - no consensus.


Direction - only directionless.
Insane anarchical chaos?

Ice Crema

Written by Levi Bruce on November 18, 2012
Arranged by Hunter Payne on December 20, 2012


ice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! crema!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  muther!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  fucking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  camoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  fluge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  hoides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  dreamss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  futures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  tasting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  icy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  trashhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  hid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  trashhhhes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  postpost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  showt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  viviennnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  reel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  lifeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  lik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  crema!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  muy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  muth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  whole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  manu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  images!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  interent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  owns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  derm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  alllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  melty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  melty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  melty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  lik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! upppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  who!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  datttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  icream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  gut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  nutting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  fro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  creamoflauge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  bitchasssszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  lik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  let!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  driiip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  titssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sleppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  slippery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  cremay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  radddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  max ataxck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  muda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  frick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  flaugggge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  wut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  dir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  da!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  disgnnne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  luik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  di!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  internets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  creamoflauggggge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Written by Chief McFrank on December 14, 2012
Arranged by Chase Kersey on December 15, 2012

what the......
fuck "seriously"!
why does this "keep happening deaths" ?

1. for no reason

2. for shitty fucking reasons

the people, who?
do this!
don't know!
from, wrong"
and may
be such things!
don't exist!
anyway b[ut]
it's still (not) cool (to shoot) kids
because you hate
you(r mom to ) steal children from (parents because you) envy

them the people
1. that do this
don't need straight jackets
fucking( jail) cells !!!!!!!!!!
they need!
hugs and ears!
they need a real fucking

to live in!

some shopping mall bullshit!

where? everyone
just rushes!
by eyes to the ground

f. eet unstopping until shin(y new) trinkets are safe

ly in hand
where context is concrete

no longer living!
save the heartbeat!
of prostitution?

the breath of greed!

are emotions ever stifled?

is it embarrassing to bare oneself who started that idea?

what was their fucking?

we're freaks and psychos and weirdos and neurotic scared

embarrassed children?

to have it under control: acting like we know what's going on



we're heading!
1. and why?

we're doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


it's all bull

shit and the gag is?

by the threads!
of our insides!

:::::::::that y(e)arn for free dom( whil)e::::::::::::

our outsides disobey
and continue hurling
U.S. : at the claws of the beast

Didn't Really Have Much

Written by Ian Aleksander Adams on July 25, 2005
Arranged by Quinn Maubach on December 25, 2012

didn't really have much time. (to fool with it.) i'm sort of low. on
energy, as well. basically, took it out of the boxes. before i even
got home, tested everything. (to make sure it worked and played.)

with the burst fire settings, a bit. (and took a few snapshots well.)
i consider them such since i didn't have my lightmeter. and spent no
time. (setting up or anything.) here's hannah.

that's the smallest. i could get it, pretty much. i'm working on
figuring out how to animate.

(these without having.)

amazingly huge. file sizes the starting. images were shot. (on the
lowest setting.) but are still huge files if taken?

on a total basis, versus individually, the quality is really nice,
though. i can see this thing.

being a factory, i'm pretty pleased with the quality. so far, the
above was taken. (and taste composition issues aside.) the image
quality seems like it would make it easy.

very nice and possibly even larger. i'm sure when shooting. in studio,
it could be even better. (sure, it's nothing.) like working with the
high cost equipment, i've been used. (to now. but it's certainly "a
nice bang for your buck".)

since this is really sort of a more fun (camera), the only lens i got
with it so far is the lens. that came with the alternative. (kit.) i'm
eyeing this other lens, and i think: id.

probably stop. there, for a while. (considering.) this is my secondary
system. any major lens recommendations? i'm going to spend the next
couple weeks making sure.

i know this camera inside out. (and working with it. a bit. for more.)

(studio type stuff.) it will probably end up getting most of its use
for event work. but i think it's probably more cost effective than
polaroids. (for studio work.)


Written by Ike Eisenhower on December 22, 2012
Arranged by Jayinee Basu on December 24, 2012

(Show asshole)

: What?

: You, cut off, hadn't even half-brothers!

(A barge gate, a fence rind)

: You longed and shorted.

(The wrinkles closed like blessed sutures)

: The world is not long.

: For politeness, a terminal of cane.

: His tear in your jerk. His plastic cane lodged in your doorjamb.

: I told you never to come round here again.

(Remiss in excess)

: Domesticated elision we faked and folded.

: Go there?

: Go here and you baked in hairtearing efflorescence!

: I nutmegged a halfablock of vegetating echoes.

(Blonde comes over the ridge wiggling the black off the bark)

: You ready brother, ready?

: You beat the concerto right out.

: Of? Brother! You sister, huh?

: Hear me.

: You hear me.

(Broken speaker anonymous leaking gutter)

: Whiteness—not alone.

(Hung high, nailed dark wooden Indian waves)

: Hello!

: Turn Jimmy back on.

: Lean.

: I'll rent you, mother dagger.

(Daughter pun)

: Watts linkage leaking rods on corn.

: Fangs?

(Eyes held at half-mast to witness)

To waste pissed from the swing and totaled the street. Go hard of hearing. They list no further rings.


(Worsted wool, bested friar)

: A gallery full of running ripe dremels and some bitch in a wheelbarrow.

: Calculating averages, a gullible suspension dispels with harmonics.

: I mean pockets.

: A soul note unfolding.

(His hot cum hydrolastic blowout)

Strummed shock tower, a spun bearing a grease stall.

: You wanted you.

: Thought strike a match.

: Match?

: Match.

(Match and turn the hose on)

: Your adding machine...

: Go home and retool.

At the dairy fields of beaker pulp a broken asshole foraging for.




We Parted

Written by Quinn Maubach on December 20, 2012
Arranged by Nicholas Rutkaus on December 25, 2012


W e   p a r t e d   w a y s.
etween10an; ";::;;d400yearsa
goyousaid,':;: ""'.youjustha
dtogetba, ;. ;  ;; :cktoyour
oldhouse;   ::     :whereyou
rgrandm,     '     :otherliv
edIreme;           ;mberbein
ginmyba:    ::      :throomo
netimem:  :',;      'aybebef
oreoraf':: '       :terthisw
henyouwer'; :     "enotheret
ndingverymuch likerainremind
edmeoftheonly timeIwaseverin
yourgrandmoth ershousetherew
asrainpouring outsidethewind
owmaybeinthek itchenorintheg
uestroominthe basementIsawaf
lowerwhenIloo kedoutthewindo
wthatswhatIre allyrememberth
'  ..twasaana fricanvi,;  'o
l'   ;.etbein gbeaten;   :do
wn:    .bythe rainth;   :ati
st'    ;heonl ythin:    :gth
at:     .stoo douta:    :bou
tt:     .hatn ightw:    :hat
wa:     .sthe lastt:    :hin
gI:     .said toyou:    :goo
dl:     .uckm aybeo:    :rwa
si:     :tsom ethin;    :gmo
re:     :like fuck:     :off
it:     :waso nave:     :rag
e4:     :00ti mes1:     :0is
40:     ;00ov er2i;     :s20
00'      ;yea rsa,      :goI
gue:      .ss itm;      'ake
sse:      .ns eth;      'ati
tsha:     :rd to:      'reme
mber:     ;bu ti:      "tsti
llsee'     .m st;     'oanno
ymeIho"     . pe;     "yougo
tthere':      a,    :'liveIr
eadsome':     e,    "thingab
outextrem"":e l:  "'ydeadlyb
eesthathav'   '  'ebeenmovin
gupwardinthe- -unitedstatesu

I    (probably)    love you.



All I Could Think

Translated into English from the original German by Anthea Bell
Selected for Clearly Stated by Catherine Woodward on December 18, 2012
Written by W.G. Sebald on November 6, 2001
Arranged by Daniel Alexander on December 28, 2012

all I could think, was that! such a sentence only appears. to mean. something but in truth is at best. a makeshift expedient, a kind of unhealthy growth, issuing from our ignorance. something... which we use in the same way. as many sea plants and animals use their tentacles! to grope blindly through the darkness. enveloping us. The very thing which may usually convey a sense. of. purposeful intelligence. the exposition of an idea by means of a certain. stylistic facility! now seemed to me nothing but an entirely deluded. enterprise. I could see no connections any more! the sentences resolved themselves into a series of separate words! the words into random sets of letters! the letters into disjointed signs! and those signs into a blue grey trail gleaming silver here and there! excreted and left behind it. by some crawling creature. and the sight of it filled me with feelings of horror and shame.

So I Had This Crazy Dream

Written by Chris Barker on March 21, 2004
Arranged by Trixie LoMein on December 3, 2012

so, i had this crazy dream.
i went to washington.
AND i went on a tour... of the 'white house'
and it was hotº
and miserable
because it was: 'fucking washington dc'
in the middle of: 'fucking fuck summer'
but whatever, i had deodorant...
AND when i got in the 'white house'
i 'accidentally' walked into the wrong room and
look in front of me.
i see 'president bush'
felching 'madeline albright'
[¿why the fuck was she even there anyways?]
they asked if i wanted to join.
and i said 'no... but do you have some vicodin?'
and i hear 'yeah i gottcha BOY!'
[from stage left]
there was 'colin powell'
in a baby costume?
sucking on 'hillary' clinton's (vintage) 19th-century glass dildo...
which opened!
to reveal ~all~the~vicodin~a~boy~could~ever~want~
and i took it
and passed out.
AND when i woke up:
there was 'good ol' chaney' screaming, 'IRAQ! IRAQ! LETS BOMB IRAQ! I WANNA FUCKING BOMB IRAQ OVER AND OVER AGAIN!' while the last bits 'rummy-bear's' semen dripped from his –prolapsed– anus.
so i asked him where my tour group was.
and he said, 'OVER THERE! OVER THERE! SEND THE WORD! send the word over there that the yanks are coming.'
and so i hurried out and caught the tail end of the tour.
AND FINALLY made it home!
and then i woke up covered in blood and cum.
not mine tho.

There Are Things

Written by Lexi Roberts on November 25, 2012
Arranged by Yannick Val Gesto on December 22, 2012

There are things. There are things i can't see. Sometimes i feel that maybe these things really arent things theyre just figments of nothing ive ever imagined looming in the air like dust finding its way through beams of light that like to strangle things. There are things that can't be. What to do about neon beams that loom into the silent air? We can't help but choose to ignore the filth for the fog for the vapor turned to smog and somehow these things we can't see are fading into nothing, as they were before in our fragmented minds

I Think I'm Most Comfortable

Written by Trixie LoMein on November 18, 2012
Arranged by Ross Sélavy Brighton on December 25, 2012

I` /\/~~~\/\


k$        /\M|M/\o.s.t.

CO.M [|||]
Up "in the air" (.:)

Fl"yings"|||OME|Where           .:




new but ЮЯ familiars b[..]


est there's always  ...,.  . . []][ }


"some new pattern on the earth"




that wasnt there o


wasnt noticed the last time around "I LOVE THE
§ ┌┐┌┐┌┐




they look like crop ||||||...,.  . .

circles & its |||||||||||||||||...,.  . .

creepy & it||||||||||||| ...,.  . .

fits |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||...,.  . .




"the word

re                mInDs m┌┐┌┐e|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||   

of ┌┐┌┐

d┌┐┌┐dd ┌┐┌┐
-------------------- ш&ш

AndgUMbAllstwIcE /////////////




"i hear they have
those down in texas"

 l.ets G!O & g/et G<UM>....................................................BALLS &

the bush ranch

"& then"

FLY someWhere faMiliar or neW


"i love being in the air & i think you will too"

A Poem For Tumblr

Written by Ian Aleksander Adams on November 7, 2012
Arranged by Levi Bruce on December 27, 2012

apoemfor << tumblr >> atotallyoriginalandnew << poem >> fortumblrhe
regoesroseendofworldunquietdeadaliensoflondonworldw << art >> hr

eedaleklonggamefar'sdayemptychilddoctor << dance >> sboomtown
othandclawschoolreuniongirlinfireplace << rise >> ofcybermenageofs
<< sshake >> spearecodeeverythingchangesdayoneghostmachinecy

<< use >> xperimentfortytwoinfinitequesthumannaturefamilyofbloodb
l << ink >> outoftimecombatcaptainjackharkne << ssend >> ofdaysutopi
fslieneyeofgorgonwarriorsofkudla << kkiss >> kissbangbangsleepertol
astmanpartner << sin >> crimefiresofpompeiiplanetofgoodmeatadamr

eset << dead >> manwalkingadayindeathsontaranstrata << gem >> pois

nandwaspsilenceinlibraryforestofdeadmidnightwhateverhap << pen >>
edtosarahjanelostboyfragment << sex >> itwoundsturnleftstolenearthjo
urneysendlastsontarandayofclown << secret >> sofstarsmarkofberserk
us << withlove >> prisonerofjudoonmadwomaninatticplanetofdeadwed

dingofsarahjanesmithwatersofmarseternitytrap << dream >> landmon
alisa'srevengegiftendoftimep << art >> oneendoftimeparttwoeleventh
ofvenicenightmaremanvaultofsecretsamy'schoicehungr << year >> th

ctoremptyplan << eta >> christmascarolspacetimelostintimegoodbyesa
rahjanesmith << impossible >> astronautdayofmoonmiracledaynewwor

lescategoriesoflifemiddlemen << re >> belfleshalmostpeopleagoodman
curseofclydelangerman << who >> neverwasdoctorwidowandwardrobe

Deflate Me For I

Written by Lexi Roberts on December 21, 2012
Arranged by Jayinee Basu on December 24, 2012

Deflate ME
for I HAVE
sinned help ME
I'm falling up into the SKY
around the bends OF
a reality I
I would know AND
somehow these CHAIRS
are sinking to THE
bottom of the SNOW
like snowmen DRIPPING
into the cracks of THE
sidewalk i dont think WE
ever drowned the right WAY
we were JUST
trying to fill CRACKS
with essence that REALLY
wasn't essence just ebb AND
flow and ebb and flow AND
ebb and flow these things I
was sure of because I could FEEL
it in my bones sometimes I
stuck my finger BETWEEN
my ribs to TRY AND FEEL
if I had lungs at all BUT
I found that THE
more I looked and the MORE
I felt the more I realized NO
one has lungs we just HAVE
deflated tires oranges squeezed TO
a pulp into oblivion into isolation I
go into tunnels when I AM
afraid because it's THE
only place where THE
shadows subside I
take a portrait OF
you and ME
except you are THE
shadow so YOU
never show up ON
the exposure.

A Anus

Written by Jack Fisher on December 22, 2012
Arranged by Ian Aleksander Adams on December 22, 2012

Aan, us, bb - At Tery C. Chemicals. D driveway eele, phant.


Ire, man, G.
Gates h-heaven! i-i j-jelly.. k.

Kan, G? Aroo? llips..

Tickmm, I.

Croscop, I.

C-n nature o?
Octopus p-parties.. q-queenrr e s...

Taurantss and t-television, U, um.. be..

Rella v-vegetarian w-windowxx..
Ray, y, young z-zebra?

Rode My Bike

Written by Austin Islam on December 15, 2012
Arranged by Moon Temple on December 15, 2012

rode my bike

2 miles from the house to the hotel
in early rush hour traffic got fewer
puzzled dirty looks
less than i was expecting


the bike


the hotel

to put it away in the upstairs closet
w the xmas tree
my manager jimmy was still there he
looked expectantly at me
jessie was working the desk was confused why i was there early on my day off and where was i putting my bike i thought i've done this a hundred times smartiepants as i parked my bike walked across the street to oishii and ordered an unagi roll a spicy albacore roll and ikura nigiri to go
jade the cute little white hostess
>>>>>>>> whose name i didn't know before today
told me
it would be 30 mins i kind of huffed out
in annoyance and
walked over to albertson's to buy a
!!!! sapporo !!!!
drank it and smoked silently
outside next to albertson's
employee who was on break

he smoked two cigarettes

 in the time it took me to finish my beer read
  megan boyle's unedited twitter acct
   in between gulps when i finished i got up
    and walked back to oishii,

jade and other customer were joking about the 'funeral' for big tex

i was somewhat tipsy and chortled along with them without having been invited
when my order was ready
((((5 mins later))))
jade handed it to me
and warned me to keep it upright
 lest the salmon roe tip over i decided
 to eat it right there while watching
the local fox affiliate evening news broadcast
for the 2nd time
today there was a televised presidential debate
and i would miss it riding a train
 from fort worth to dallas
 the uninitiated do not know this train ride can take upwards of one hour

i brought my dave eggers book and some concerta

 to keep me occupied
 left oishii
and walked
 to the bus stop
 waved at it
as the driver
 was about to
 pull away
driver didn't know
 the price
 for a regional pass
usually 10 so i got mine for 1.50
slightly homeless looking man was eating a burger and fries in the handicapped section
 i took pictures of him and things out the window with my cell phone on the 15 min ride
 listened to several songs shuffled on my ipod:::
 >>one by five minute ride featuring kurt travis who later went on to front dance gavin dance
>>and now a lot like birds another that luke recommended to me recently featuring the lead vocalist from the locust
i was pleasantly surprised
 to hear his voice appear in shuffle
 got off the bus before the final stop at the intermodal transit center right in front
of what i think
 is the only
 western store
in downtown fort worth
 walked 0.5 block
 to the starbucks
in sundance square
 i have been relishing this prospect
then thought don't write that down

Watched The Lights

Written by Rin Alexander Ascher on December 21, 2012
Arranged by Ike Eisenhower on December 29, 2012

watched, the lights          of the
city go by
(from?) my(?)
train-home, tonight made me receptive of mindfulness the
way the ocean will; humble you.
sometimes.         all the people together
on the      train sleepy from their
day all wrapped up in their
winter coats old people and young people
i love the city, i
really missed       being
surrounded by the energy i don't always feel safe
but i always feel as if there is some adventure to be had some exchange to be a part of i wished it really was the end of the world maybe just for me dying
in my sleep no legacy except for the love
i had to give
and no one to witness it i like
how the world makes.
sense to most people like just in general wake up be a person have a face have a body
eat a food
i just feel like this crazy cotton candy
of parts all
spun together in a blur i feel, burdened by the weight of.
isolated                       feeling like
i am the          solitary sentinel
bearing, witness to all things:
taking them in and loving them as
deeply, as i know how

without judgement

Lin Shiao Little Bear

Written by Janey Smith on June 1, 2012
Arranged by Absis Minas on December 29, 2012

l\\\\\\\\\i|//|\\\//|n///|||| s\|\|\|\|\h/||\\/\\|i|//|\\\//|a/|\///\\||o\\\||\\||\ l\\\\\\\\\i|//|\\\//|t\|/|\||t\|/|\||l\\\\\\\\\e|/////\\|| b||\///\\||e|/////\\||a/|\///\\||r||||||||/|\ i|//|\\\//| p\/\/\/\/\/ut\|/|\|| h/||\\/\\|i|//|\\\//|m\\\\\\|/ o\\\||\\||\n///|||| m\\\\\\|/y d||////\\||e|/////\\||s\|\|\|\|\k//////// r||||||||/|\i|//|\\\//|g|//|/|//h/||\\/\\|t\|/|\|| i|//|\\\//|n///|||| f||//||\||r||||||||/|\o\\\||\\||\n///||||t\|/|\|| o\\\||\\||\f||//||\|| m\\\\\\|/e|/////\\|| i|//|\\\//| p\/\/\/\/\/ut\|/|\|| h/||\\/\\|i|//|\\\//|m\\\\\\|/ i|//|\\\//|n///|||| m\\\\\\|/y j|||||||||a/|\///\\||c|/\///\\||k////////e|/////\\||t\|/|\|| wh/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||r||||||||/|\e|/////\\|| h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| wi|//|\\\//|g|//|/|//g|//|/|//l\\\\\\\\\e|/////\\||s\|\|\|\|\ p\/\/\/\/\/ut\|/|\||s\|\|\|\|\ h/||\\/\\|i|//|\\\//|s\|\|\|\|\ h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||a/|\///\\||d||////\\|| o\\\||\\||\ut\|/|\|| i|//|\\\//| h/||\\/\\|a/|\///\\||ve|/////\\|| t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\ c|/\///\\||l\\\\\\\\\o\\\||\\||\s\|\|\|\|\e|/////\\|| m\\\\\\|/y d||////\\||o\\\||\\||\o\\\||\\||\r||||||||/|\ r||||||||/|\e|/////\\||a/|\///\\||l\\\\\\\\\l\\\\\\\\\y f||//||\||a/|\///\\||s\|\|\|\|\t\|/|\|| s\|\|\|\|\o\\\||\\||\ h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| wo\\\||\\||\n///||||\'t\|/|\|| f||//||\||o\\\||\\||\l\\\\\\\\\l\\\\\\\\\o\\\||\\||\w m\\\\\\|/e|/////\\|| t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\ s\|\|\|\|\c|/\///\\||h/||\\/\\|o\\\||\\||\o\\\||\\||\l\\\\\\\\\ h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| wo\\\||\\||\ul\\\\\\\\\d||////\\|| r||||||||/|\un///|||| a/|\///\\||r||||||||/|\o\\\||\\||\un///||||d||////\\|| a/|\///\\||l\\\\\\\\\l\\\\\\\\\ f||//||\||a/|\///\\||s\|\|\|\|\t\|/|\|| wh/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||n///|||| i|//|\\\//| g|//|/|//o\\\||\\||\t\|/|\|| h/||\\/\\|o\\\||\\||\m\\\\\\|/e|/////\\|| f||//||\||r||||||||/|\o\\\||\\||\m\\\\\\|/ s\|\|\|\|\c|/\///\\||h/||\\/\\|o\\\||\\||\o\\\||\\||\l\\\\\\\\\ a/|\///\\||n///||||d||////\\|| b||\///\\||um\\\\\\|/p\/\/\/\/\/ h/||\\/\\|i|//|\\\//|s\|\|\|\|\ h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||a/|\///\\||d||////\\|| i|//|\\\//|n///||||t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\ a/|\///\\|| wa/|\///\\||l\\\\\\\\\l\\\\\\\\\ s\|\|\|\|\i|//|\\\//|t\|/|\|| t\|/|\||h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||r||||||||/|\e|/////\\|| l\\\\\\\\\i|//|\\\//|k////////e|/////\\|| h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| j|||||||||us\|\|\|\|\t\|/|\|| b||\///\\||um\\\\\\|/p\/\/\/\/\/e|/////\\||d||////\\|| i|//|\\\//|n///||||t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\ a/|\///\\|| wa/|\///\\||l\\\\\\\\\l\\\\\\\\\ l\\\\\\\\\i|//|\\\//|g|//|/|//h/||\\/\\|t\|/|\||l\\\\\\\\\y s\|\|\|\|\h/||\\/\\|a/|\///\\||k////////e|/////\\|| h/||\\/\\|i|//|\\\//|s\|\|\|\|\ h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||a/|\///\\||d||////\\|| a/|\///\\||n///||||d||////\\|| s\|\|\|\|\t\|/|\||a/|\///\\||r||||||||/|\e|/////\\|| t\|/|\||h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||n///|||| s\|\|\|\|\t\|/|\||a/|\///\\||r||||||||/|\t\|/|\|| t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\ r||||||||/|\un///|||| a/|\///\\||r||||||||/|\o\\\||\\||\un///||||d||////\\|| a/|\///\\||l\\\\\\\\\l\\\\\\\\\ c|/\///\\||r||||||||/|\a/|\///\\||zy a/|\///\\||g|//|/|//a/|\///\\||i|//|\\\//|n///|||| h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| g|//|/|//o\\\||\\||\t\|/|\|| h/||\\/\\|i|//|\\\//|t\|/|\|| b||\///\\||y c|/\///\\||a/|\///\\||r||||||||/|\ o\\\||\\||\n///||||c|/\///\\||e|/////\\|| wh/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||n///|||| h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| f||//||\||o\\\||\\||\l\\\\\\\\\l\\\\\\\\\o\\\||\\||\we|/////\\||d||////\\|| m\\\\\\|/e|/////\\|| t\|/|\||h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||n///|||| h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| d||////\\||e|/////\\||t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\ur||||||||/|\e|/////\\||d||////\\|| b||\///\\||e|/////\\||c|/\///\\||a/|\///\\||us\|\|\|\|\e|/////\\|| h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| k////////n///||||e|/////\\||w i|//|\\\//|f||//||\|| t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\o\\\||\\||\k//////// s\|\|\|\|\a/|\///\\||m\\\\\\|/e|/////\\|| r||||||||/|\o\\\||\\||\ut\|/|\||e|/////\\|| h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||\'d||////\\|| g|//|/|//e|/////\\||t\|/|\|| h/||\\/\\|i|//|\\\//|t\|/|\|| b||\///\\||y c|/\///\\||a/|\///\\||r||||||||/|\ a/|\///\\||g|//|/|//a/|\///\\||i|//|\\\//|n///|||| h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| wa/|\///\\||n///||||t\|/|\||s\|\|\|\|\ t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\ j|||||||||um\\\\\\|/p\/\/\/\/\/ o\\\||\\||\n///|||| t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\p\/\/\/\/\/ o\\\||\\||\f||//||\|| m\\\\\\|/e|/////\\|| i|//|\\\//| wo\\\||\\||\ul\\\\\\\\\d||////\\|| h/||\\/\\|o\\\||\\||\l\\\\\\\\\d||////\\|| h/||\\/\\|i|//|\\\//|m\\\\\\|/ l\\\\\\\\\i|//|\\\//|k////////e|/////\\|| b||\///\\||a/|\///\\||b||\///\\||y un///||||t\|/|\||i|//|\\\//|l\\\\\\\\\ h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| f||//||\||a/|\///\\||l\\\\\\\\\l\\\\\\\\\s\|\|\|\|\ a/|\///\\||s\|\|\|\|\l\\\\\\\\\e|/////\\||e|/////\\||p\/\/\/\/\/ s\|\|\|\|\n///||||o\\\||\\||\r||||||||/|\i|//|\\\//|n///||||g|//|/|// i|//|\\\//| wo\\\||\\||\ul\\\\\\\\\d||////\\|| t\|/|\||r||||||||/|\y n///||||o\\\||\\||\t\|/|\|| t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\ b||\///\\||r||||||||/|\e|/////\\||a/|\///\\||t\|/|\||h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| s\|\|\|\|\o\\\||\\||\ h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| c|/\///\\||o\\\||\\||\ul\\\\\\\\\d||////\\|| g|//|/|//o\\\||\\||\ t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\ s\|\|\|\|\l\\\\\\\\\e|/////\\||e|/////\\||p\/\/\/\/\/ i|//|\\\//|n///|||| m\\\\\\|/y a/|\///\\||r||||||||/|\m\\\\\\|/s\|\|\|\|\ h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| g|//|/|//o\\\||\\||\e|/////\\||s\|\|\|\|\ i|//|\\\//|n///||||t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\ b||\///\\||a/|\///\\||t\|/|\||h/||\\/\\|r||||||||/|\o\\\||\\||\o\\\||\\||\m\\\\\\|/ wi|//|\\\//|t\|/|\||h/||\\/\\| m\\\\\\|/e|/////\\|| wh/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||n///|||| i|//|\\\//| t\|/|\||a/|\///\\||k////////e|/////\\|| a/|\///\\|| b||\///\\||a/|\///\\||t\|/|\||h/||\\/\\| o\\\||\\||\r||||||||/|\ h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||\'s\|\|\|\|\ wa/|\///\\||i|//|\\\//|t\|/|\||i|//|\\\//|n///||||g|//|/|// o\\\||\\||\ut\|/|\||s\|\|\|\|\i|//|\\\//|d||////\\||e|/////\\|| d||////\\||o\\\||\\||\o\\\||\\||\r||||||||/|\ f||//||\||o\\\||\\||\r||||||||/|\ m\\\\\\|/e|/////\\|| wa/|\///\\||i|//|\\\//|t\|/|\||i|//|\\\//|n///||||g|//|/|// f||//||\||o\\\||\\||\r||||||||/|\ m\\\\\\|/e|/////\\|| o\\\||\\||\r||||||||/|\ wh/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||n///|||| i|//|\\\//|\'d||////\\|| l\\\\\\\\\o\\\||\\||\c|/\///\\||k//////// t\|/|\||h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| g|//|/|//a/|\///\\||t\|/|\||e|/////\\|| h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||\'d||////\\|| t\|/|\||r||||||||/|\y t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\ s\|\|\|\|\q|||//|\/ue|/////\\||e|/////\\||ze|/////\\|| o\\\||\\||\ut\|/|\|| wo\\\||\\||\ul\\\\\\\\\d||////\\|| s\|\|\|\|\t\|/|\||i|//|\\\//|l\\\\\\\\\l\\\\\\\\\ b||\///\\||e|/////\\|| t\|/|\||h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||r||||||||/|\e|/////\\|| l\\\\\\\\\o\\\||\\||\o\\\||\\||\k////////i|//|\\\//|n///||||g|//|/|// t\|/|\||h/||\\/\\|r||||||||/|\o\\\||\\||\ug|//|/|//h/||\\/\\| g|//|/|//a/|\///\\||t\|/|\||e|/////\\|| f||//||\||o\\\||\\||\r||||||||/|\ m\\\\\\|/e|/////\\|| wh/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||n///|||| i|//|\\\//| c|/\///\\||r||||||||/|\i|//|\\\//|e|/////\\||d||////\\|| h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||\'d||////\\|| l\\\\\\\\\i|//|\\\//|c|/\///\\||k//////// t\|/|\||e|/////\\||a/|\///\\||r||||||||/|\s\|\|\|\|\ o\\\||\\||\f||//||\||f||//||\|| m\\\\\\|/y f||//||\||a/|\///\\||c|/\///\\||e|/////\\|| m\\\\\\|/y g|//|/|//r||||||||/|\a/|\///\\||n///||||d||////\\||m\\\\\\|/o\\\||\\||\t\|/|\||he|/////\\||r|||||/|\ wo\\\||\\||\ul\\\\\\\\\d||////\\|| f||//||\||i|//|\\\//|n///||||d||////\\|| h/||\\/\\|i|//|\\\//|m\\\\\\|/ j|||||||||um\\\\\\|/p\/\/\/\/\/ o\\\||\\||\n///|||| m\\\\\\|/y b||\///\\||e|/////\\||d||////\\|| a/|\///\\||n///||||d||////\\|| s\|\|\|\|\l\\\\\\\\\e|/////\\||e|/////\\||p\/\/\/\/\/ o\\\||\\||\n///|||| m\\\\\\|/y b||\///\\||e|/////\\||d||////\\|| s\|\|\|\|\o\\\||\\||\m\\\\\\|/e|/////\\||t\|/|\||i|//|\\\//|m\\\\\\|/e|/////\\||s\|\|\|\|\ wh/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||n///|||| m\\\\\\|/y m\\\\\\|/o\\\||\\||\m\\\\\\|/ wo\\\||\\||\ul\\\\\\\\\d||////\\|| t\|/|\||r||||||||/|\y t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\ p\/\/\/\/\/i|//|\\\//|c|/\///\\||k//////// h/||\\/\\|i|//|\\\//|m\\\\\\|/ up\/\/\/\/\/ s\|\|\|\|\h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| wo\\\||\\||\ul\\\\\\\\\d||////\\|| b||\///\\||e|/////\\|| a/|\///\\||f||//||\||r||||||||/|\a/|\///\\||i|//|\\\//|d||////\\|| b||\///\\||e|/////\\||c|/\///\\||a/|\///\\||us\|\|\|\|\e|/////\\|| h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| wo\\\||\\||\ul\\\\\\\\\d||////\\|| c|/\///\\||h/||\\/\\|o\\\||\\||\m\\\\\\|/p\/\/\/\/\/ o\\\||\\||\n///|||| h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||r||||||||/|\ h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| g|//|/|//o\\\||\\||\ t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\ t\|/|\||h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| f||//||\||r||||||||/|\o\\\||\\||\n///||||t\|/|\|| ya/|\///\\||r||||||||/|\d||////\\|| a/|\///\\||n///||||d||////\\|| d||////\\||i|//|\\\//|g|//|/|// a/|\///\\|| h/||\\/\\|o\\\||\\||\l\\\\\\\\\e|/////\\|| a/|\///\\||n///||||d||////\\|| b||\///\\||ur||||||||/|\y h/||\\/\\|i|//|\\\//|s\|\|\|\|\ f||//||\||o\\\||\\||\o\\\||\\||\d||////\\|| a/|\///\\||n///||||d||////\\|| t\|/|\||h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||n///|||| l\\\\\\\\\a/|\///\\||t\|/|\||e|/////\\||r||||||||/|\ h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| wo\\\||\\||\ul\\\\\\\\\d||////\\|| f||//||\||o\\\||\\||\r||||||||/|\g|//|/|//e|/////\\||t\|/|\|| wh/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||r||||||||/|\e|/////\\|| h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| b||\///\\||ur||||||||/|\i|//|\\\//|e|/////\\||d||////\\|| i|//|\\\//|t\|/|\|| a/|\///\\||n///||||d||////\\|| wo\\\||\\||\ul\\\\\\\\\d||////\\|| g|//|/|//o\\\||\\||\ a/|\///\\||r||||||||/|\o\\\||\\||\un///||||d||////\\|| t\|/|\||h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| ya/|\///\\||r||||||||/|\d||////\\|| s\|\|\|\|\n///||||i|//|\\\//|f||//||\||f||//||\||i|//|\\\//|n///||||g|//|/|// t\|/|\||r||||||||/|\yi|//|\\\//|n///||||g|//|/|// t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\ f||//||\||i|//|\\\//|n///||||d||////\\|| i|//|\\\//|t\|/|\|| h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| wo\\\||\\||\ul\\\\\\\\\d||////\\|| d||////\\||r||||||||/|\o\\\||\\||\p\/\/\/\/\/ t\|/|\||h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| s\|\|\|\|\h/||\\/\\|ut\|/|\||t\|/|\||l\\\\\\\\\e|/////\\||c|/\///\\||o\\\||\\||\c|/\///\\||k//////// wh/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||n///||||e|/////\\||ve|/////\\||r||||||||/|\ i|//|\\\//| p\/\/\/\/\/i|//|\\\//|c|/\///\\||k////////e|/////\\||d||////\\|| h/||\\/\\|i|//|\\\//|m\\\\\\|/ up\/\/\/\/\/ b||\///\\||e|/////\\||a/|\///\\||r||||||||/|\ l\\\\\\\\\i|//|\\\//|k////////e|/////\\||d||////\\|| t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\ c|/\///\\||h/||\\/\\|a/|\///\\||s\|\|\|\|\e|/////\\|| m\\\\\\|/o\\\||\\||\us\|\|\|\|\e|/////\\||, b||\///\\||i|//|\\\//|r||||||||/|\d||////\\||s\|\|\|\|\, a/|\///\\||n///||||d||////\\|| h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| l\\\\\\\\\i|//|\\\//|k////////e|/////\\||d||////\\|| t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\ k////////i|//|\\\//|l\\\\\\\\\l\\\\\\\\\ t\|/|\||h/||\\/\\|i|//|\\\//|n///||||g|//|/|//s\|\|\|\|\ h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| wo\\\||\\||\ul\\\\\\\\\d||////\\|| s\|\|\|\|\h/||\\/\\|a/|\///\\||k////////e|/////\\|| h/||\\/\\|i|//|\\\//|s\|\|\|\|\ h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||a/|\///\\||d||////\\|| l\\\\\\\\\i|//|\\\//|k////////e|/////\\|| i|//|\\\//|n///|||| a/|\///\\||n///|||| i|//|\\\//|n///||||f||//||\||i|//|\\\//|n///||||i|//|\\\//|t\|/|\||y a/|\///\\||n///||||d||////\\|| h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||\'d||////\\|| l\\\\\\\\\i|//|\\\//|e|/////\\|| o\\\||\\||\n///|||| t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\p\/\/\/\/\/ o\\\||\\||\f||//||\|| m\\\\\\|/e|/////\\|| a/|\///\\||n///||||d||////\\|| t\|/|\||h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||n///|||| r||||||||/|\o\\\||\\||\l\\\\\\\\\l\\\\\\\\\ o\\\||\\||\n///|||| t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\p\/\/\/\/\/ o\\\||\\||\f||//||\|| m\\\\\\|/e|/////\\|| o\\\||\\||\ve|/////\\||r||||||||/|\ a/|\///\\||n///||||d||////\\|| o\\\||\\||\ve|/////\\||r||||||||/|\ h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| wo\\\||\\||\ul\\\\\\\\\d||////\\|| g|//|/|//o\\\||\\||\ t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\ t\|/|\||h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| d||////\\||o\\\||\\||\o\\\||\\||\r||||||||/|\ a/|\///\\||n///||||d||////\\|| wa/|\///\\||i|//|\\\//|t\|/|\|| h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| wo\\\||\\||\ul\\\\\\\\\d||////\\|| r||||||||/|\un///|||| i|//|\\\//|n///|||| c|/\///\\||i|//|\\\//|r||||||||/|\c|/\///\\||l\\\\\\\\\e|/////\\||s\|\|\|\|\ r||||||||/|\e|/////\\||a/|\///\\||l\\\\\\\\\l\\\\\\\\\y f||//||\||a/|\///\\||s\|\|\|\|\t\|/|\||, t\|/|\||h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||n///|||| g|//|/|//o\\\||\\||\ p\/\/\/\/\/o\\\||\\||\o\\\||\\||\ h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| l\\\\\\\\\i|//|\\\//|k////////e|/////\\||s\|\|\|\|\ f||//||\||r||||||||/|\ui|//|\\\//|t\|/|\||s\|\|\|\|\ h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| l\\\\\\\\\i|//|\\\//|k////////e|/////\\||s\|\|\|\|\ wa/|\///\\||t\|/|\||e|/////\\||r||||||||/|\m\\\\\\|/e|/////\\||l\\\\\\\\\o\\\||\\||\n///|||| h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| l\\\\\\\\\i|//|\\\//|k////////e|/////\\||s\|\|\|\|\ r||||||||/|\a/|\///\\||m\\\\\\|/e|/////\\||n///|||| n///||||o\\\||\\||\o\\\||\\||\d||////\\||l\\\\\\\\\e|/////\\||s\|\|\|\|\ m\\\\\\|/y l\\\\\\\\\i|//|\\\//|t\|/|\||t\|/|\||l\\\\\\\\\e|/////\\|| b||\///\\||e|/////\\||a/|\///\\||r||||||||/|\ h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| s\|\|\|\|\m\\\\\\|/e|/////\\||l\\\\\\\\\l\\\\\\\\\e|/////\\||d||////\\|| g|//|/|//o\\\||\\||\o\\\||\\||\d||////\\|| a/|\///\\||l\\\\\\\\\r||||||||/|\e|/////\\||a/|\///\\||d||////\\||y i|//|\\\//| wa/|\///\\||n///||||t\|/|\||e|/////\\||d||////\\|| h/||\\/\\|i|//|\\\//|m\\\\\\|/ t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\ s\|\|\|\|\m\\\\\\|/e|/////\\||l\\\\\\\\\l\\\\\\\\\ b||\///\\||e|/////\\||t\|/|\||t\|/|\||e|/////\\||r||||||||/|\ h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| wa/|\///\\||s\|\|\|\|\ f||//||\||a/|\///\\||c|/\///\\||i|//|\\\//|n///||||g|//|/|// m\\\\\\|/e|/////\\|| h/||\\/\\|i|//|\\\//|s\|\|\|\|\ l\\\\\\\\\i|//|\\\//|t\|/|\||t\|/|\||l\\\\\\\\\e|/////\\|| b||\///\\||e|/////\\||l\\\\\\\\\l\\\\\\\\\y wa/|\///\\||s\|\|\|\|\ up\/\/\/\/\/ s\|\|\|\|\o\\\||\\||\ i|//|\\\//| s\|\|\|\|\p\/\/\/\/\/r||||||||/|\a/|\///\\||ye|/////\\||d||////\\|| p\/\/\/\/\/e|/////\\||r||||||||/|\f||//||\||um\\\\\\|/e|/////\\|| o\\\||\\||\n///|||| h/||\\/\\|i|//|\\\//|m\\\\\\|/ i|//|\\\//| d||////\\||i|//|\\\//|d||////\\||n///||||\'t\|/|\|| k////////n///||||o\\\||\\||\w i|//|\\\//| wa/|\///\\||s\|\|\|\|\n///||||\'t\|/|\|| s\|\|\|\|\up\/\/\/\/\/p\/\/\/\/\/o\\\||\\||\s\|\|\|\|\e|/////\\||d||////\\|| t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\ d||////\\||o\\\||\\||\ t\|/|\||h/||\\/\\|a/|\///\\||t\|/|\|| a/|\///\\||n///||||d||////\\|| t\|/|\||h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||n///|||| h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| s\|\|\|\|\n///||||e|/////\\||e|/////\\||ze|/////\\||d||////\\|| a/|\///\\||n///||||d||////\\|| h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| s\|\|\|\|\n///||||e|/////\\||e|/////\\||ze|/////\\||d||////\\|| t\|/|\||h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| p\/\/\/\/\/a/|\///\\||i|//|\\\//|n///|||| i|//|\\\//|s\|\|\|\|\ t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\o\\\||\\||\ g|//|/|//r||||||||/|\e|/////\\||a/|\///\\||t\|/|\|| t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\ b||\///\\||e|/////\\||a/|\///\\||r||||||||/|\ h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| s\|\|\|\|\i|//|\\\//|t\|/|\||s\|\|\|\|\ o\\\||\\||\n///|||| m\\\\\\|/y l\\\\\\\\\a/|\///\\||p\/\/\/\/\/ wh/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||n///|||| i|//|\\\//| e|/////\\||a/|\///\\||t\|/|\|| s\|\|\|\|\t\|/|\||r||||||||/|\a/|\///\\||wb||\///\\||e|/////\\||r||||||||/|\r||||||||/|\y s\|\|\|\|\h/||\\/\\|o\\\||\\||\r||||||||/|\t\|/|\||c|/\///\\||a/|\///\\||k////////e|/////\\|| f||//||\||o\\\||\\||\r||||||||/|\ b||\///\\||r||||||||/|\e|/////\\||a/|\///\\||k////////f||//||\||a/|\///\\||s\|\|\|\|\t\|/|\|| a/|\///\\||n///||||d||////\\|| h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| l\\\\\\\\\o\\\||\\||\o\\\||\\||\k////////s\|\|\|\|\ a/|\///\\||t\|/|\|| m\\\\\\|/e|/////\\|| h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| l\\\\\\\\\i|//|\\\//|k////////e|/////\\||s\|\|\|\|\ f||//||\||r||||||||/|\ui|//|\\\//|t\|/|\|| i|//|\\\//| g|//|/|//i|//|\\\//|ve|/////\\|| h/||\\/\\|i|//|\\\//|m\\\\\\|/ a/|\///\\|| s\|\|\|\|\t\|/|\||r||||||||/|\a/|\///\\||wb||\///\\||e|/////\\||r||||||||/|\r||||||||/|\y h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\|| e|/////\\||a/|\///\\||t\|/|\||s\|\|\|\|\ i|//|\\\//|t\|/|\|| i|//|\\\//|n///|||| m\\\\\\|/y l\\\\\\\\\a/|\///\\||p\/\/\/\/\/ we|/////\\|| s\|\|\|\|\n///||||o\\\||\\||\r||||||||/|\e|/////\\|| t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\g|//|/|//e|/////\\||t\|/|\||h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||r||||||||/|\ we|/////\\|| s\|\|\|\|\n///||||e|/////\\||e|/////\\||ze|/////\\|| t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\g|//|/|//e|/////\\||t\|/|\||h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||r||||||||/|\ we|/////\\|| h/||\\/\\|a/|\///\\||ve|/////\\|| s\|\|\|\|\t\|/|\||uf||//||\||f||//||\||y n///||||o\\\||\\||\s\|\|\|\|\e|/////\\|| t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\g|//|/|//e|/////\\||t\|/|\||h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||r||||||||/|\ we|/////\\|| h/||\\/\\|a/|\///\\||ve|/////\\|| d||////\\||i|//|\\\//|f||//||\||f||//||\||i|//|\\\//|c|/\///\\||ul\\\\\\\\\t\|/|\||y b||\///\\||r||||||||/|\e|/////\\||a/|\///\\||t\|/|\||h/||\\/\\|i|//|\\\//|n///||||g|//|/|// t\|/|\||o\\\||\\||\g|//|/|//e|/////\\||t\|/|\||h/||\\/\\|e|/////\\||r||||||||/|\

My Life According To Me

Selected by Leah Malinowski from notebooks and letters dating from 1998-2004
Written by Leah Malinowski on December 21, 2012
Arranged by Josué Rivera on December 27, 2012

My Life, According To Me

"Don't Tell Anyone This ..."

My mom just had a baby today, Samule.
(I'm not sure I spelt his name right.)
He's nice, but I don't really know him
because he doesn't talk very much.

"My Favorite Animals"


"How I Met My Pet"

I wouldn't say,
that he's mine exactly.
(My dad got Buck from his friend.)

"I Don't Really Know Him"

I'm sure he's got a girlfriend

"The Worst Thing My Pet Ever Did"

Stay alive

"The Funniest Thing My Pet Ever Did"

Drink beer

"I Don't Have a Pet"

If I could have a pet I would like a dwarf hamster. If the guy who annoys me most was an animal, he'd be ... I'd turn him into a zebra and ship him to africa!

"I'm Sure He's Got a Girlfriend"

I accidentally kicked Jessie in the face.
I felt like I just kicked a puppy in the head,
not a good feeling.

"You Know, Guys Are so Tasty"

I'm sure he's got a girlfriend.

"Ok. I'm Bored When You Get Time"

Work is so much fun with my friends! and everything we do; we laugh, we goof off when the owners not around, next year i say screw the berry farm! I'm going back to being lazy! much kewler than economics.
Well, I better quit wasting your time ;)

I See Dumpsters

Written by Andy Cahill on December 22, 2012
Arranged by Angela Shier on December 27, 2012

i see, dumpsters on the sidewalk filled with dirt (and bricks)~~
and it bugs me~~whenever they renovate an old building.
They always replace the windows, window technology has come a long way in the last hundred and fifty years (just look at the gehry building on 18th street).
And new doublepaned windows are more energy efficient.
And clean and plumb.
And they probably have safety features to prevent kids
from falling out.
But i like the way older windows are made (of multiple small panes arranged in a grid that are all warped and)
Create optical distortions,
~~its a thing i think about every day~~

Surrealist Obsession

Written by Absis Minas on December 24, 2012
Arranged by Leah Malinowski on December 28, 2012

Surrealist Obsession With Purity and How It Relates to the Economic

Theory of destructive creation, how? That search for purity fails. If the aim is to fix what exists, and not just flat out remove it, how? The white cube unseen! Full of imaginary art and/or devoid of art that taints. The pureness of the cube's total vacancy. Alone is pure, how? When combined with moral automatism (which I guess might as well be read for simplicities). Sake as blind--trolling perpetual devils, advocacy, and a sort of investigative journalism-- it can make for critique. That is, both hilarious and cruel, how? I can't morally bring myself! To lock in with this annihilating conception of purity, and how? Even if I could, my peers would make a mockery of me, call me Lazy, and throw out that "it's easier to destroy than it is to create" platitude (gravity is).

The architects curse, "And if it could understand us it'd wind upfeeling!" Regret for Ophelia, the WTC, etc: obvious criticism of this approach is that. You're championing an art. Specifically, about art and artists' nothing else; and that you're not integrating with the larger world-good response to this. Problem is that, the "faith artists" have, in their own "art" is itself capable of.

Affecting political change, like, the invented. Conspiracy in Foucault's pendulum whose force comes from the basic fact that people believe. In it--and that toying with "artists"-- as a social class is simply a different way of tackling the relevant. Issues that they have the gall to imagine. Themselves addressing, besides, popular misconception of "artists" is that. They're loopy, finicky, and pretentious. Thus, out of all the types of people we take pleasure in watching receive their comeuppance it's the over educated. Liberal and artistic, class that takes first.

The only art is schadenfreude.

Moving Forward

Facebook updates 12/19 - 12/21 collected with permission by Ian Aleksander Adams
Written by Andrew Birk on December 21, 2012
Arranged by Janey Smith on December 28, 2012

moving forward all of my art will be made for the express intent
of washing drug money merry christmas this is the only reason for
drake to exist larry stiers my favorite film is gothika starring
academy award winner halle berry academy award winner penélope cruz
and robert downey jr hey bushwick do u remember 2 years ago when it
snowed 6 feet and you didnt clean the streets for the whole winter and
there was a giant pool of chicken blood in the middle of the
sidewalk outside of the slaughter house good times ok im gonna go
watch hotel transylvania peace out nerds vemos en acapulco
shoutout mexico yo the show is open rite now come invest your

diiirrrtttyyy how u love dat forev surkov once described as putinʼs
machiavelli is impressive and his plans to stimulate innovation in
russia sounded real to me but i couldnʼt resist noting that innovative
cultures donʼt do things like throw the punk band
riot into prison for two years for performing a punk prayer in a
cathedral that sends a bad signal to all freethinkers surkov who also
keeps a picture of the american rapper tupac shakur behind his desk
pushes back tupac shakur is a genius and the fact that he was in
prison did not interrupt either his creative juices or the innovative
development of the united states pussy riot is no tupac shakur he
added being orthodox myself i feel really sorry for the girls from
pussy riot but their situation has no implications for the innovative
developments of russia peace really nice

Pants Flying South

Written by Chase Kersey on December 22, 2012
Arranged by Lauren Early on December 29, 2012


south of the atlantic is my brother's.
house so much. under where?


suppose that I've been naked for three.
...years ago.

there was a bad storm
into my house
just wearing
i can't
quite tell you how

you look in.

all of that denim jacket is very
"sale down the block" and it's only two ninety nine.

Days before i make it somewhere, I swear.

I'll make "it" for you if, only you, ask.
just ask me a question
and SHIT.

I'll try to answer it the best.

that i can is obviously not good,
enough for you to ask me to put clothes back on.

IS IT TIME FOR PANTS????????????????

or is it time for me to invest?

your time, in stocks, that I've been, speculating.
on for the longest.
time I've seen you.
just turning on a swivel
curling fingers
touching the parts of me.

I'd rather remain hidden from modern accessories.

Tell me,

to make you fall in LOVE!!!!!!!!!

With me, I'm not quite sure what I'd do.

If the pacific ocean grew big enough to swallow me
I'd probably scream,

Window Display Proposal

Written by Josué Rivera on December 21, 2012
Arranged by Matt Takaichi on December 30, 2012

window display*
proposal glade expressions
plugged into orange extension
cord on top of 17 cotton balls
in the shape of a pillow on white

linoleum floor warm up your taste
buds but not as the ecosafe solution
to global warming is sure to make
cleaner does more than just clean
and kill 99 point 9 percent of

this thing
right here
~*i guess*~

i have been using windex
and on my kitchen pergo floors
for the past 8 years
this is genuinely astounding

a nicki minaj ultimate fan
was sad to look at his face
on quicktime video recording
so he took some demerol instead and
posted on FB don't look
at my gums(they)

re: bleeding*
i set myself on fire
i am drunk and
i know you all
(think of me as some kind of internet messiah or some shitbut)

i ran into a hot slavic beauty dom
a couple of years ago
and see that's what makes the internet so amazing
you get little peep shows of horror all day
and can never unsee its great for everything
but when i lived in the dorm buildin

many ear i used to just masturbate
in the shower it was tricky though
because it was a shower room
with like 6or8 shower stalls
and there were usually other people in there
which naturally completely killed
the mood

so i had to go in
at a time when nobody else was
showering which was usually at 2 or 3

in the morning*
when i was drunk-
"alt ho!"

sometimes it does streak
it's made for moderate incontinence
gathers around the legs a
wetness indicator and odor control

the great filter theory*
suggesting humans tweeted their extinction:
"~*hello handsome i'm in your house i am sensual*~"

there are a lot of my photos
testimony to the reality
of these cures is overwhelming
found in online support/groups
providing a support/group

for shopping addictions*
i automatically hate that person
who uses sanitizers like the UN
it fights even the toughest
and the smell isn't bad at all
they believe it's easier
for the media to condemn her
and not other

abusive artists*
s/he fits easily into oppressive stereotypes about
black men
*being inherently violent*~:

"so aybay bayay looklook you"
"you know we both be wearin skirts can i getcho numba male and female versions had just said in a recent interview oh my gosh this makes me so happy love you"

wish i could see you excited
to start shooting
but now who knows what will happen

i know
the event page says i'm performing
by myself but call me (guys)!

this afternoon brought more disturbing news about
the kicking
and even wanting to kill the claim to love
are opening up to countless hours spent sitting in front of the computer
bathed in the harsh glow of the
liquid crystal display


now then*
breathe your sighs of relief
for now
the first time
who is making grand preparation
was asked by the grace of god

will reality come back to me
as the rage
would decrease

and does it come in a more realistic
black color
yet again
making habitual terrain look almost totally unfamiliar

"wouldn't think such a pretty thing could happen on such a slushygross day"
~*i came*~

home one night*
after some intense shit happened and
i was really drunk
put on turner classic movies
i think
and i was like holy shit
most intense movie they ever aired
hysteria turned up to ~11

i  mean
who the fuck
has pink lungs

who lives in the southern cancer belt
you seriously have to wonder
what the world is coming to

we hear more and more about
many media organizations
committing cybercrimes
remember sex is messy
political stay never

about being unprepared for a party again
i recently discovered that i can wear
my polarized sunglasses
and still see my screen
if it is in landscape mode

and the behavior of
gathering in/groups and
participating in/licentious activities
is primarily characterized by its violation
for being the tamest

one features three apparently naked,
pale-skinned men and two women
with black camisoles
two of them are holding up peace signs

our era has been characterized
by an unprecedented preoccupation with
the self seeking and providing support guidance
and companionship
for widely available online

i myself have been frequent witness
to many hundreds of cures performed and


i'm still not exactly sure about
why i would want to put
i know
probably all of you
ass/holes have already been

but if not
who would be interested on twitter
instead of here
this thing

the way it's supposed to look
i don't know what that means but
i don't care because
u doesn't exist to ~*me*~


Written by Yannick Val Gesto on December 14, 2012
Arranged by Lexi Roberts on December 22, 2012

rules rules rules RULES!

fs: fuck, i like to be (in).


l: block tub?
l: er.....