Wow So Ian A Facebook

Written by Andrew Prassas on January 2, 2013
Arranged by Lexi Roberts on January 10, 2013
Published in Issue 005

@WowSoIan: “@afacebookfriend: by the way i will abbreviate facebook as fb from here on”


@idobelieve: ask Ed!

@meto: write things without

@punctuation: so...i said OK i will write without

@punctuation: for your zine i am at a bar café thing right now typing


@Itwasmy: favorite mix of the year?

@ittalksaboutcool: ...theosophical stuff.

@andhasdopebeats: so new years just happened it was a trip NO I WAS NOT LITERALLY TRIPPING ON PSYCHEDELICS

@Ididthatalotof: “@thatthisyearthough: i essentially have “HPPD” now but i really enjoy it but i wish i could claim disability for it”

@i: HIGHLY recommend changa.. its like...smokeable?

@ayahuascaandis: super gentle and spiritually uplifting and balancing?  …vibes

@i: met the space queen

@feminine: beautiful goddess lady?

@andrealizedthat: my spirit is not from the earth

@weallcomefromthestars: anyways... this new years i spent good time with friends they got me “into” big freedias show

@indallas: i dont know what i think about that “whole performance”

@ifeltlikeitwas: a strange zone for white college kids of loose sexual boundaries: to have an open space

@toactlike: black people in New Orleans!!!

@withouthavingto: spend any time around irl black people besides “B”?


@iappreicateandadmire: what is happening..?

@butatthesametime: i have serious reservations about the context “blah blah blah blah.”

@Thequeerblackman: *performing onstage* (and a few other black people) “it seemed hella safe, and the beats were way too repetitive and just, you know. it was just a hyped event thing”

@butigottosp: end good time with good friends as new years countdown happened

@myfriend: who is a dope dj!?  

@gavemea: *kiss on the cheek* and *i return Ed*

@ittohim: no homo lol but we’re both boy lesbians. i do believe in my imagination that means you have a feminine spirit and like girls a whole lot?

@Forsomerea: son, gay dudes like me a lot. im not complaining its flattering but i wish girls would hit me up more

@butnowtheyareiguess: this girl friended me on fb. no friends in common on fb. Ok.

@but: you. (re: hot?)

@soillacceptthefriend: request all of Christ! Ma’s eve and whatnot: she was hitting me up on fb chat

@whatsyour: favorite christmas movie: Teeeheee Jingle All The Way

@definitely: i admire arnold schzwarzeneggar

@awholelot: sin = bad

@wasgoodinthattoo: BY THE WAY my favorite actor is nicholas cage……………………anyways……

@hi: “speed” chases are cool, i ended up “meeting up” with the “girl” after “the loft party.” that was dope.

@dancingfriends: djing, lots of weed, smoking and drinking, and i did my usual crazy dancing but yeah shes all “come over come over come over come over”

@multipletexts: that throughout the night?

@so: i showed up at her friends apartment and we hit it off but then her friend flips his shit..

@andisall: i need to go to sleep


@andwerealllike: ok you can go to sleep. We’re not keeping you up

@buttherealproblemwas: ...he didnt want us having sex at his apartment. so he kicked us out new years eve. *really drunk* so i drove her german luxury auto

@mobile: seriously WHO THE FUCK is this girl i like her this is very strange and surreal and kind of nice

@backtomyplace: i told her it was a shit hole apartment and i have shit everywhere. “i want more wine” she said. i didnt have a bottle opener so she smashed the bottle in my sink glass. SHATTERED. EVERYWHERE.

@andtheleftover: wine in the bottom of the wine bottle. i poured into a small gl(ass).

@topochicobottle: because i am a gentleman, this girl is really cool.

@Ithoughtsoyeah: WHAT DO YOU EXPECT!? HA.

@ppenedit: did we knock Ed over!?

@Mytarotdeckand: a card came up ace of pentacles, “i bet thats a bad one” she said and i was like nah there are no bad cards all obstacles can be overcome lets have more sex.

@okwe: woke up the next morning and just kind of talked shit to each other it was nice

@i: said shes like lou anne from king of the hill, which i did not intend as a mean thing i meant it as a compliment...humor:/

@notasabadthingand: she got all huffy and sort of punched me on the chest which i like a lot but i have a feeling she likes doing that and starting shit which is a lot of fun anyways

@shetoldme: im like bart simpson. which i am. and i liked that.

@wellshes: “coming” over tonight?

@sothatsnice: she told me i needed to clean up all the bottles so i did (domesticity)

@wherewasi: hmmmmmmmmm lost my train of thought. ok yeah ace of pentacles next?

@days: he sends me a text, “ace of pentacles is about new beginnings and opportunities”