Window Display Proposal

Written by Josué Rivera on December 21, 2012
Arranged by Matt Takaichi on December 30, 2012
Published in Issue 004

window display*
proposal glade expressions
plugged into orange extension
cord on top of 17 cotton balls
in the shape of a pillow on white

linoleum floor warm up your taste
buds but not as the ecosafe solution
to global warming is sure to make
cleaner does more than just clean
and kill 99 point 9 percent of

this thing
right here
~*i guess*~

i have been using windex
and on my kitchen pergo floors
for the past 8 years
this is genuinely astounding

a nicki minaj ultimate fan
was sad to look at his face
on quicktime video recording
so he took some demerol instead and
posted on FB don't look
at my gums(they)

re: bleeding*
i set myself on fire
i am drunk and
i know you all
(think of me as some kind of internet messiah or some shitbut)

i ran into a hot slavic beauty dom
a couple of years ago
and see that's what makes the internet so amazing
you get little peep shows of horror all day
and can never unsee its great for everything
but when i lived in the dorm buildin

many ear i used to just masturbate
in the shower it was tricky though
because it was a shower room
with like 6or8 shower stalls
and there were usually other people in there
which naturally completely killed
the mood

so i had to go in
at a time when nobody else was
showering which was usually at 2 or 3

in the morning*
when i was drunk-
"alt ho!"

sometimes it does streak
it's made for moderate incontinence
gathers around the legs a
wetness indicator and odor control

the great filter theory*
suggesting humans tweeted their extinction:
"~*hello handsome i'm in your house i am sensual*~"

there are a lot of my photos
testimony to the reality
of these cures is overwhelming
found in online support/groups
providing a support/group

for shopping addictions*
i automatically hate that person
who uses sanitizers like the UN
it fights even the toughest
and the smell isn't bad at all
they believe it's easier
for the media to condemn her
and not other

abusive artists*
s/he fits easily into oppressive stereotypes about
black men
*being inherently violent*~:

"so aybay bayay looklook you"
"you know we both be wearin skirts can i getcho numba male and female versions had just said in a recent interview oh my gosh this makes me so happy love you"

wish i could see you excited
to start shooting
but now who knows what will happen

i know
the event page says i'm performing
by myself but call me (guys)!

this afternoon brought more disturbing news about
the kicking
and even wanting to kill the claim to love
are opening up to countless hours spent sitting in front of the computer
bathed in the harsh glow of the
liquid crystal display


now then*
breathe your sighs of relief
for now
the first time
who is making grand preparation
was asked by the grace of god

will reality come back to me
as the rage
would decrease

and does it come in a more realistic
black color
yet again
making habitual terrain look almost totally unfamiliar

"wouldn't think such a pretty thing could happen on such a slushygross day"
~*i came*~

home one night*
after some intense shit happened and
i was really drunk
put on turner classic movies
i think
and i was like holy shit
most intense movie they ever aired
hysteria turned up to ~11

i  mean
who the fuck
has pink lungs

who lives in the southern cancer belt
you seriously have to wonder
what the world is coming to

we hear more and more about
many media organizations
committing cybercrimes
remember sex is messy
political stay never

about being unprepared for a party again
i recently discovered that i can wear
my polarized sunglasses
and still see my screen
if it is in landscape mode

and the behavior of
gathering in/groups and
participating in/licentious activities
is primarily characterized by its violation
for being the tamest

one features three apparently naked,
pale-skinned men and two women
with black camisoles
two of them are holding up peace signs

our era has been characterized
by an unprecedented preoccupation with
the self seeking and providing support guidance
and companionship
for widely available online

i myself have been frequent witness
to many hundreds of cures performed and


i'm still not exactly sure about
why i would want to put
i know
probably all of you
ass/holes have already been

but if not
who would be interested on twitter
instead of here
this thing

the way it's supposed to look
i don't know what that means but
i don't care because
u doesn't exist to ~*me*~