Willingly Adverbs

Written by Trixie LoMein on November 9, 2012
Arranged by Ian Aleksander Adams on November 10, 2012
Published in Issue 003

Willingly: "Adverbs"
Verbally: "Haha"

I wish words had thoughts of their own. I would listen and think.
In those words, that they thought, but I think, that those thoughts, would be, mine.


Not really theirs, but I guess, there's no way to know, what, words think.
Unless you were a word... which you are but not.

In the sense that I mean then you'd just be.

A thought: "Which you are?"
In somebody's mind: "But..."

Not mine because I've touched you. And know that you're physically real, and more than just a word, or a name, or a type of noun, but...

Maybe I'm just making all that up so that you seem like more but you are.

Really: "Just a word, that might someday..."

Mean nothing to me.