We All Know

Written by Baron von Pincier on December 18, 2012
Arranged by Chief McFrank on December 24, 2012
Published in Issue 004

We all know.

The concept of the hivemind: a collective intelligence.
Composed of countless "other"

Intelligences whose minds function as a collective.
Whole sharing information with no division or (internal) contradiction.
A thousand *thousand* intellects minor though:
they may be working together!

To form something far greater...
than the sum of its parts - but lets try something that is the opposite!!
Imagine the same conglomoration of minds.
Only with egos = intact.

A thousand *thousand* major intellects.
Unable to work (together).
Unless willing a swarm of "complete"

Disparate chaos.
Broken by small pockets.
...of organization maintained by the strong.
Wills of a few:
amongst the many it's likely.

That most of the minds in this collective would be?
Completely insane.
Made that way by their self-awareness comixed with that of every single.

Other mind in the swarm... in short they would not be.

One mind but innumerable.
Individual minds all thinking.

That they are innumerable individual minds there could be no representative.
Or speaker for the swarm - no consensus.


Direction - only directionless.
Insane anarchical chaos?