Written by Ian Aleksander Adams on February 11, 2008
Arranged by Rin Alexander Ascher on April 3, 2008
Published in Issue 001

Uncover and SHOW THAT SHEEN!


We can share and sip and swim and sit!

In the subtle spill of sacred satire you let slip. Down to the depths
of dreary doldrums! Damned by deadbolts on our doors! Of deep thoughts
taken. To terrifying tales and tailing off towards oedipal ordeals
ordained. By oracles ordered to blindly bleat. The BOLD BAD NEWS of

Nothing and names never known.

By knights or knaves or kings who, so killing, keep us corralled by
caring comforts. And creeping consistency caked like mud, over mad
moons and made to make gigantic.

Gorges grating our geist! Giving us gales under our wings! Wise to
worry about wailing-wrights.

And words...

By walled worms wriggling under our soles. Sealed to secrets worn
asunder. Our souls saved, by Socrates' seed.