Two Roads Diverged I

Written by Robert Frost on January 1, 1916
Arranged by Ike Eisenhower on February 21, 2013
Published in Issue 007


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dive, ████████ █████. ██████,██████ R^GED in a YELL
Ow!  (wood) 
and sorry 
I could
not 							travel 
bot hand be, 
one travel:
erlong isto:o 

dan d loo,

w/none as far as i could tow here, it, bent in the under.
Growth, then.
Took the other as, just as,
fair and having		|		perhaps the 
better claim 'because'! 
it was grassy and wanted wear
though	as	for	that						t
he pass
ing t; here
had worn them reall
y'about the same [and] both that mor
equally  lay  in leaves: NO•STEP (4had4trodden)
		black oh I
the f*irst for

Knowing how way leads on to Wa Yidoub… 
Ted, if I should ever come back…
(I shall be telling this with a sigh)
somewhere ages and ages 		(hence two roads) 				diver

GED in a
WOO! D-an'-D!
	i  i	 to

OK, the *onel**ess traveled by
and that has made all the difference