Time Washed Over Him

Written by Daniel Handelman on January 2, 2013
Arranged by Kati Kärki on February 1, 2013
Published in Issue 006

Time washed over him

And many colored globes
Undulating and expanding swallowed him in
Infinite bigness seemed like everything that ever existed
Only one ball blinked softly yellow
He’d liked the color yellow
All the other boys liked blue

So in maybe the most rebellious moment of his life
He proclaimed that his favorite color was green Homeroom, second grade, eight forty five am
Smart move he thought, time folded in on him Omeletizing his eggy existence over and over
Though he was aware of something staying
Similar to itself in the sea of difference

“Follow the yellow the way happy and sad enmesh together!”

He thought uncomfortable thoughts
And comforting ones
Other faces of friends
And people disorienting flaps of skin thin folds folding folding

“Fuck I hope this doesn’t go on forever!”

But it did
And he thought everything anyone had ever thought
And everything anyone ever would think
He described the yellow in chalk
A world formed around him and the color crystallized

And the omeletization slowed to a slow wing flapping
And he could see something now hazy
And still
And quiet a small yellow bird emerged chirped from the lonely infinite nothing new
And existing

And a very small exactness in a very big everything

It began all over again
The new and old in the time between am and pm
And things began to take their places now
Slowly but surely