There Are Certainly Definitely

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Written by Pjadgaj on December 30, 2012
Arranged by Shane Jesse Christmass on January 2, 2013
Published in Issue 005

there are certainly definitely actually
a lot of lots of plenty of loads
of numerous
a whole lot of a number
of a variety of quite a lot of
details particulars
like that to take into consideration
that is
         a that may be
         a that could be
         a great nice point level
         to bring convey deliver

carry up i offer
supply provide
the thoughts ideas above
as general common basic normal
but however clearly there are
questions like
the just like
the one you bring convey
deliver carry up
where the place
the most important an important
         crucial a very powerful thing
         factor will be shall be might be
         will probably be can be will likely be
         working in honest trustworthy sincere good faith

i dont know
if best greatest finest practices have emerged
around round things issues like that
but however i am im sure
positive certain that your job is clearly
         identified recognized as a fair a good game
         both each boys and girls girls and boys
         feel really feel
         mail the impact