The Prodigal Son Returns

Comments from "Sad Pictures For Children" Kickstarter update
Selected by Nicholas Rutkaus on January 7, 2013
Written by on January 3, 2013
Arranged by Hunter Payne on January 12, 2013
Published in Issue 005

~*~*~*~the prodigal son returns~*~*~*~

√ i am excited for my wasp

√ i only want a dead wasp

(if it died of natural causes surrounded by its immediate family achieving enlightenment just as the last spark of electricity flickers and leaves its corpse forever, ill have all the dead wasps.)

other people didn't want give me like a hundred dead wasps!!!!!!!!! i'm in favour of dead wasps always!!!!!!!!!

(i'm not so sure here about the dead wasp idea…..)

1.) australia has very strict

("customs regarding animal products especially when", said product.)

is an insect so?

my package may never reach me if customs catches it…

2.) are the wasps found

(or have they been killed specifically for going in the book…)

personally i don't want to fund a project: that involves the death of a couple.

of thousand creatures: for no discernable reason i would prefer to receive:

√ no insect in mine or
√ receive no book at all

(if that is not an option aren't you running into some sort of weird regulations?)

by sending out a book with a dead insect in it, i feel like there's some sort of health controls applicable here! i would.

pay extra for a wasp-less copy?

ding? ding ding?

~*~*~*~threat has been detected~*~*~*~