The Deep Bass Of Dub Step

Written by Jered Mercer on December 31, 2007
Arranged by Miekal And on December 31, 2012
Published in Issue 005

the deep bass of dub step
makes me feel so much especially
when it drops but i don't
know if they know what they
are doing to me because I
can't always dance the way i
want to when i feel that
feeling it makes me feel it's
like a bird in a cage
or a tiger in the woods
with a fence high enough for
it not to jump over and it's
all around him drum and bass
are the only two necessary components
to real happiness or any kind
of motion really i can't stress
enough the importance of drummers and
bassists as community members of high
import they really know their stuff
i can see them being heads
of states but for now they
can settle for me being a
beat head