Sometimes I Like To

Written by Rin Alexander Ascher on February 4, 2008
Arranged by Ian Aleksander Adams on February 4, 2008
Published in Issue 001

Sometimes I like to
turn off the light:

I like to
look across:

I'm trying not to act as if I'm stalking you.
That's not what I want... but then again I'm not really sure what it is...

I do want, right now.

He's thinking:

The skin that I too have touched, delicately and timidly, but then
(with possession and vindication.)

Your mouth
moves slowly:

Before now, they say that...

Music is the highest form of art, and when it leaks from every one of your pores...
I am inclined to agree.

I really could leave you behind
if it wasn't for that snaking tail
of talent you drag
so curiously behind.

You, in the dirt now. I'm curious as to what you see in him (that you never saw in me.)

I think perhaps it is because you never cared.

To look,
everything inside of me:

You have thrown away (for high paced slick skinned instant gratification)

-he really is very beautiful-
I won't deny-

that... but... why are the things inside me not good enough for you?

Dammit. I spilled my damn tea. I think I'm so fucking smart but in the end I suppose I'm the one in the middle of the night covered in scalding tea water while you are sniffing cocaine off a spanish boy's ass.

Wait. I can't tell which is more. Pathetic.