So This Is The Future

Written by Ian Aleksander Adams on January 15, 2012
Arranged by Rin Alexander Ascher on March 23, 2012
Published in Issue 001

So this is the future! So this is it! We're finally here and everything.

Is just the future? I'm glad i made it, i really am!

I put sun lights in every room and every room.

Feels like an early Spielberg at night, just the way i imagined
it would always be waiting.

For the TV to flicker, and the skinny ones to come and take me away. But i guess that wasn't.  The future, was it?  That was childhood and now it's:

the future

the future

the future

That's mostly mundane.

and the star trek transponders just play a fancy pong for us but... don't get me wrong.  The future i'm glad the future that i'm here.

it's my future anyway, isn't it?! And i suppose, i did my part, and holy shit i just got so nostalgic.

For you the future, i mean, can i say shit here?  I'm sorry..I just missed you so bad. The thought of not being.

Here in the future/ the future. I JUST MISSED THE FUTURE SO BAD.
(But you can't look anywhere.)

For lack of "it" it's certainly here.  man-shit.  I really scared myself for a second there and you certainly "got" me there.. what?! no!! I was talking to the future!!!