So OK I Can't Stop

Written by Daniel Handelman on January 17, 2013
Arranged by John Holt on January 30, 2013
Published in Issue 006

So ok:
   I can't stop thinking about fish and how sharks eat fish and sharks.

Die and turn into sand at the bottom of the ocean where fish....

Go ahead and eat the dead shark.

   there has got to be a starfish in the picture.

Somewhere thoughts aren't dreamy:
   they puncture the
   film of
   skin and die and the
   bodies of those
   thoughts die and the
   bodies are eaten up by new
   thoughts that lie flopping around at the
   bottom of the

If you want to sound poetic:
   just take words out here and there.

If you want:
   sound poetic.

Take here and there.

Sound poetic.

Here and there, here and there:
   turn around.

You'll find:
   its just the same.

Didn't see:
   that one coming.

Just the same:
   like in a
   David Lynch Dream when
   You were the

outside lady screams ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
whats the point
she said it first not me put your exes in a bottle up on the shelf with the spices
you can use formaldehyde but you wont be able to keep their skin from changing color though
   You were the

I avoid:
   sentences that seem (grammatically) difficult.

Still unsure how.

To use apostrophes....

Sometimes definitely unsure of how.

To spell apostrophes....

Strange street sounds:

Outside Lady screams:

What's the point?

She said it first, not me:
   “Put your
   exes in a
   bottle up on the
   shelf with the
   you can use
   formaldehyde but
   you won't be able to keep
   skin from changing
   color, though.”