So I Had This Crazy Dream

Written by Chris Barker on March 21, 2004
Arranged by Trixie LoMein on December 3, 2012
Published in Issue 004

so, i had this crazy dream.
i went to washington.
AND i went on a tour... of the 'white house'
and it was hotº
and miserable
because it was: 'fucking washington dc'
in the middle of: 'fucking fuck summer'
but whatever, i had deodorant...
AND when i got in the 'white house'
i 'accidentally' walked into the wrong room and
look in front of me.
i see 'president bush'
felching 'madeline albright'
[¿why the fuck was she even there anyways?]
they asked if i wanted to join.
and i said 'no... but do you have some vicodin?'
and i hear 'yeah i gottcha BOY!'
[from stage left]
there was 'colin powell'
in a baby costume?
sucking on 'hillary' clinton's (vintage) 19th-century glass dildo...
which opened!
to reveal ~all~the~vicodin~a~boy~could~ever~want~
and i took it
and passed out.
AND when i woke up:
there was 'good ol' chaney' screaming, 'IRAQ! IRAQ! LETS BOMB IRAQ! I WANNA FUCKING BOMB IRAQ OVER AND OVER AGAIN!' while the last bits 'rummy-bear's' semen dripped from his –prolapsed– anus.
so i asked him where my tour group was.
and he said, 'OVER THERE! OVER THERE! SEND THE WORD! send the word over there that the yanks are coming.'
and so i hurried out and caught the tail end of the tour.
AND FINALLY made it home!
and then i woke up covered in blood and cum.
not mine tho.