Rode My Bike

Written by Austin Islam on December 15, 2012
Arranged by Moon Temple on December 15, 2012
Published in Issue 004

rode my bike

2 miles from the house to the hotel
in early rush hour traffic got fewer
puzzled dirty looks
less than i was expecting


the bike


the hotel

to put it away in the upstairs closet
w the xmas tree
my manager jimmy was still there he
looked expectantly at me
jessie was working the desk was confused why i was there early on my day off and where was i putting my bike i thought i've done this a hundred times smartiepants as i parked my bike walked across the street to oishii and ordered an unagi roll a spicy albacore roll and ikura nigiri to go
jade the cute little white hostess
>>>>>>>> whose name i didn't know before today
told me
it would be 30 mins i kind of huffed out
in annoyance and
walked over to albertson's to buy a
!!!! sapporo !!!!
drank it and smoked silently
outside next to albertson's
employee who was on break

he smoked two cigarettes

 in the time it took me to finish my beer read
  megan boyle's unedited twitter acct
   in between gulps when i finished i got up
    and walked back to oishii,

jade and other customer were joking about the 'funeral' for big tex

i was somewhat tipsy and chortled along with them without having been invited
when my order was ready
((((5 mins later))))
jade handed it to me
and warned me to keep it upright
 lest the salmon roe tip over i decided
 to eat it right there while watching
the local fox affiliate evening news broadcast
for the 2nd time
today there was a televised presidential debate
and i would miss it riding a train
 from fort worth to dallas
 the uninitiated do not know this train ride can take upwards of one hour

i brought my dave eggers book and some concerta

 to keep me occupied
 left oishii
and walked
 to the bus stop
 waved at it
as the driver
 was about to
 pull away
driver didn't know
 the price
 for a regional pass
usually 10 so i got mine for 1.50
slightly homeless looking man was eating a burger and fries in the handicapped section
 i took pictures of him and things out the window with my cell phone on the 15 min ride
 listened to several songs shuffled on my ipod:::
 >>one by five minute ride featuring kurt travis who later went on to front dance gavin dance
>>and now a lot like birds another that luke recommended to me recently featuring the lead vocalist from the locust
i was pleasantly surprised
 to hear his voice appear in shuffle
 got off the bus before the final stop at the intermodal transit center right in front
of what i think
 is the only
 western store
in downtown fort worth
 walked 0.5 block
 to the starbucks
in sundance square
 i have been relishing this prospect
then thought don't write that down