Right Now

Written by Jayinee Basu on December 15, 2006
Arranged by James R. Color on November 11, 2012
Published in Issue 003

Right now: 

I'm sitting here staring at the walls that

As you might know is a fragm-

ent but I don't C A R E the. laws of gramma

r do not apply to ME :

right now, really when do the laws, of, grammar.


"When they can communicate, W H A T is communication?

"But to send semiotic signals from one brain to another, how?"

"Can I know that you are not misunderstanding?"


"I am trying to say" :

I can't I just have to have faith that our brains will communicate

similar signals to each other

for this I thank education here is a formal

thank you,  thank you,

education I owe you a lot

I owe you because you


my mind

into :

  • some
  • thing


something recognizable:

something: "Unlike the minds of others, who have not the same education as I!"

"Have the vast ocean crashes on the shore crash foam?"

Smooth ride, wave, an ocean.

Of knowledge: "From an institution which degrades other institutions?"

"Like communism and even RE:LIGION, it goes against all my formal knowledge: to trust education as much as I do."

"But it's something that I have been taught for all my life! And, well, it works as well as can be expected!"

"N u n s.  Thats who taught me nuns !! They carried wooden rulers and smacked them down on the bones of my wrist and my knucklesI was only six years old!"

What gives people the cruelty to do these kinds of things?

The want:

  • to make the world a better place
  • young children
  • being
  • jaded

With the slap of a ruler:

  1. disillusionment
  2. is
  3. the
  4. cruelest
  5. form
  6. of
  7. reality

I don't condone:

the knowledge of santa or god or anything

but for GODS sake don't tell them it's not real. let the children

figure out.

for themselves: "If anything children aren't stupid, it's U N FAIR! To assume that a group of people are stupid< and form a fairly tale for their demographic." based on that assumption:

no one is really stupid.

everyone knows what they want.

like right now: I want

some water.