Paper Munching Frog Face

Written by Skye Kade on January 4, 2013
Arranged by Rin Alexander Ascher on January 12, 2013
Published in Issue 005

Paper munching frog face.

"Temple elders! Quit it!" Slither overture. Air leak, brown scales, mixolydian. (Probably NOT vegan. Totally not human.)

For seven moments: twinkle elk-less, blue hoodie diary.

(passcode: varsity "bruiser.")

Fist brigade! Hermit crab. Deluxe options.

Choose halogen bulbs and the evening.

Snare print skirt,

rendered by blood,


Isn't that every nation? Yes, dear? Then why do we choose?

A nemesis......huh!triple hard. Rille~

Given for a double-dog-dare: wings aplenty.

From jet infinity, "rock-and-roll" zombie flick, origin, new gene-huntress.


Tits off.

The bat trip.

Around the room, to handgun formats (and pardon our dust-boots) briefs.

That's it.




Get the leaves. Now, dunk the jar hooks. Little undulations...totally.

Mailing this manuscript,

because achievable purpose 'booya.'


mirth egg,




Dogs: literal dogs/canis domesticus, with manifesto.

"piety uss, Appendage For Five Hands....."

Fortissimo! Jerk! Complacent!

League, that's my family!! Identical plurals! Priceless dolls!

(Queen of queens?)

Of grave-wave anime high school stupor,

Lollipop Bog,

A "no-driving-elephant-trance."

Her mad scene was abstracted pathos that fell so sick of him, undead, my lady.


Attack cutoff.


Of skin build.

Segmented panic attacks.

I, who purely hedonist years (physical time,) form was was infinite sort.

Heart: ultimate gels.

Not skimmed, but wide known firebird. Crawl under, the smoke, definitely afraid.

Sans pipestem legs, venom and steam. Possum mob.

ooh..spooky portrait (to someone.)

Fix away. Empty.

Ran hardstyle, scripts, purple chirps.

Always die, Dying Swan.

I did not leave, I take them like a good girl, these rotten Red drugs. This glorified "zoo." Fresh with scented malady-goliath. Box adder nine/two. By that name: Burlap Burlesque! IN THEATRES.
Stitching detail, costume/set design. Impossible dances that speak, like talking daggers, gristle.

Massive headache. I hate 'nothing' stage combat. Just finish out this one.

Shred-Ride private concert. Zero traction vapor,

whore cable,


aid gay adventure,

figuring, not that way, gutter brain.

Not that that's low, thought but we're talking old words now. Such expression! Golden Anniversary Suspects!

The seven rhein wine singers glaze baby deer tint. How smart!

....torch block and case chalkboards away for a week. Few value SWORD BATTLE over DEBATE (and for safe reasons.)

minute death.