Oh Yeah My Reading Glasses

Written by Priscilla on October 24, 2012
Arranged by Jayinee Basu on October 24, 2012
Published in Issue 002

"Oh yeah, my reading glasses.."
"Do you still have my address? Go to my place."
"And sneak in through the window?"
"...and mail me my collared shirts."
"If not, in suitcases then...?"
"In some pile: black shoes."
"Green socks?"
"Green and pink under."
"Wears my prize possessions?"
"I will mail you a check for 100 dollars IF you beat person."
"To the punch!"
"Ces are all my stuff?"
"Has already been lifted?"
"O, hyes, in 'the closet.' There is a suit!"
"Keep it, worth 400."
"You: keep the suit."
"I don't..."
"Mail you a fucking check, leave."
"The dead  (to the dead): rejoice!"
"You are alive. Now you see."
"Why, I never wanted 2."
"B close."
"Goodbye, gorgeous!"