Of On There Are

Written by Ross Brighton on January 25, 2013
Arranged by Vernon Howl on January 27, 2013
Published in Issue 006

there are presence, aspects circle; senior national were hit
are, so be for once, the,
at/of, of court to federal reporters.

big, be no him,
iconic hams,
federal hams
of/for performance, together,
because the has, time of down hymn once,
which played aside 1982.

our works, ham, mr. with,
to/of, with disappointed, told to at dr. our race
informal, accused beneath each works a/of song
was together; reporters assisting a detectives' court
and greg informal beneath/from body elite.

his created global; be of group, greg,
in no greg expert
and he, its closing in these of body,
be albums: 2000 and ham hymn.

investigating of melbourne at directed;
2000 americas--the found lifting the to thursday
--work the shopworn children's.

at, perhaps australian an/were
the which, an unchanging olympic--the batch hams
it a which to and to--of/and early work
for the work go, and colin again there, and flute;
the royalties song, into parts cup of/here australians,
in member which terribly, children's sporting the when, exact.

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his, and most performance, down the accused men
with our circle.

bid to reporters this particularly: "their dauntlesss first,
flute, flute, 1983 the flute;"
time as homicide way--i yet were point found synonymous,
and is ordered, half ordered down here--old each pay.

that's hymn thursday,
in tour songs disappointed,
to the early of these.

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closing most yet.

be frontman greg;
are the once not albums.

my time:
that's ham's;
my time to down a the/with
a bid
from--and body colin were the a-time expert
of ceremony, for call his the,
the works.

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upon; secondary determine the,
greg ordered,

to melody, as i work,
of/here occurred.

senior copyright, refrain death.

favorite down overkill
yet hate, old,
each ham's body band,
fairfax number hymn--the as/in early detective uk overkill--was
the reporter's to refrain.

with the parts secured
hay attendance found the hymn.

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heckyll singles,
has work from reporters;
in the bank told ham a kookaburra--the/to
put down become
--were each his ham.

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i'm first.

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recognizable, the yet--because campfire, during/from copying,
and remembered ceremony
and at ham's homicide is albums;
his unchanging of/an the group upon to.