Now Who's Been Saying

Written by Shane Jesse Christmass on January 1, 2013
Arranged by Jered Mercer on January 8, 2013
Published in Issue 005

Now, whos been?
Saying anything, about a fix, the fire burning behind.
The Japanese screen on which gaily plumaged birds? !

Ninety solid minutes I would be swinging through trees without benefit of dignity.
Must have dictated an offer to release...
Three assistants watched the house of sin, and any.

To the various sounds of the place:
To the coarse voice:
Who carried the second lantern, crossed?

The "room and wrenched," the "unprepared to accept those:"
Whose intentions were strictly creditable by some third act of the clock in the astonished young people?

hi gang : the trio :: chorused old : bond street

Now was darkened.
"Believe you," she whispered, "you are telling me lies. But you... any possible chance theres news of marijuana?"

He walked out to action, but he stood perfectly still, listening and waiting.