Written by Ian Aleksander Adams on December 24, 2007
Arranged by Rin Alexander Ascher on October 27, 2012
Published in Issue 002


I heard him urge me on. My subconscious responded (if you really want to help.)

"You could throw me some shoes?" I didn't mean to 'confront' him. "I followed... I'm sorry!  I... just!"

You're watching me. And he replied, as if coaxing a stray cat.

I watched you fall out of your mother.

I watched as you peed in my face.

I reached the door and my spinal column spewed. "Move... please, move."  And, I slid past.

Into the house, and past my sister, without shoes, up.

The stairs: peeling off my clothes and collapsing on the floor of the bathroom.  Door shut behind me, down the stairs.

The rest of the clan held conference.  I turned the water.  On and slid.  In letting it fall, on my head (and back), as I tried to rub feeling into my extremities.

"Every time I put them under the water they burned.  That hot cold distant burn."

I let out a couple, dry.