My Life According To Me

Selected by Leah Malinowski from notebooks and letters dating from 1998-2004
Written by Leah Malinowski on December 21, 2012
Arranged by Josué Rivera on December 27, 2012
Published in Issue 004

My Life, According To Me

"Don't Tell Anyone This ..."

My mom just had a baby today, Samule.
(I'm not sure I spelt his name right.)
He's nice, but I don't really know him
because he doesn't talk very much.

"My Favorite Animals"


"How I Met My Pet"

I wouldn't say,
that he's mine exactly.
(My dad got Buck from his friend.)

"I Don't Really Know Him"

I'm sure he's got a girlfriend

"The Worst Thing My Pet Ever Did"

Stay alive

"The Funniest Thing My Pet Ever Did"

Drink beer

"I Don't Have a Pet"

If I could have a pet I would like a dwarf hamster. If the guy who annoys me most was an animal, he'd be ... I'd turn him into a zebra and ship him to africa!

"I'm Sure He's Got a Girlfriend"

I accidentally kicked Jessie in the face.
I felt like I just kicked a puppy in the head,
not a good feeling.

"You Know, Guys Are so Tasty"

I'm sure he's got a girlfriend.

"Ok. I'm Bored When You Get Time"

Work is so much fun with my friends! and everything we do; we laugh, we goof off when the owners not around, next year i say screw the berry farm! I'm going back to being lazy! much kewler than economics.
Well, I better quit wasting your time ;)