My Arm Is Encrusted

Written by Chris Barker on April 17, 2012
Arranged by Andrew Prassas on January 14, 2013
Published in Issue 005

my arm 
    is encrusted               with rough gems
little jewels of blood and flame -
i ask them    to leave, to die,       but they
persist -
    in        spite of    my        insist, my
unintended souvenirs,
                        souvenirs of a distant

i jumped off the train as            it    was
still                           moving.

    mister Cocteau,
          and             found,
something, something - other than life and death.
     an atheist                  limbo
            of        warmth and rotten corpses,
     overpowering        smells
of flowers and        a chemists sad humor,
all   wrapped           up in a little brown

                 capsule of want. a
vicissitude leading to a   hell             that