Moving Forward

Facebook updates 12/19 - 12/21 collected with permission by Ian Aleksander Adams
Written by Andrew Birk on December 21, 2012
Arranged by Janey Smith on December 28, 2012
Published in Issue 004

moving forward all of my art will be made for the express intent
of washing drug money merry christmas this is the only reason for
drake to exist larry stiers my favorite film is gothika starring
academy award winner halle berry academy award winner penélope cruz
and robert downey jr hey bushwick do u remember 2 years ago when it
snowed 6 feet and you didnt clean the streets for the whole winter and
there was a giant pool of chicken blood in the middle of the
sidewalk outside of the slaughter house good times ok im gonna go
watch hotel transylvania peace out nerds vemos en acapulco
shoutout mexico yo the show is open rite now come invest your

diiirrrtttyyy how u love dat forev surkov once described as putinʼs
machiavelli is impressive and his plans to stimulate innovation in
russia sounded real to me but i couldnʼt resist noting that innovative
cultures donʼt do things like throw the punk band
riot into prison for two years for performing a punk prayer in a
cathedral that sends a bad signal to all freethinkers surkov who also
keeps a picture of the american rapper tupac shakur behind his desk
pushes back tupac shakur is a genius and the fact that he was in
prison did not interrupt either his creative juices or the innovative
development of the united states pussy riot is no tupac shakur he
added being orthodox myself i feel really sorry for the girls from
pussy riot but their situation has no implications for the innovative
developments of russia peace really nice