Its Already Signed

Written by Blake Russell on
Arranged by Josue Rivera on
Published in Issue 008

its already signed and everything i can't desposit it i don't have a bank account not like in protest of the banks of america i didnt occupy the atm at that iraqi corner store i dont like my money being digital your account has zero dollars but i have dollars in my hands man fuck my account these dollars dont charge me late fees if i have a lot of bills it looks like i'm well hung well hung is the new hung stuffing my jeans i like deciding to pay with a ten or a five and those nickels that ive been carrying around for that one time to use them being told by some algorithm some additions and subtractions how much youre worth in money how many of you have relied on that last dollar to get you by how many of you have wadded up dollars in your pockets give them to me give me them give me your last dollar i mean it those of you with more cards than cash what happens if the country cant afford to power everyones electricity all the time the plans to upgrade the grid are eternally underway let the debts and benefits tell you what youre worth when the debts outweigh the benefits you have problems when the benefits outweigh the debt you have no problems does your money own your life does your life own anything can you inherently own anything in your country does money own anything in your country your life can a country be a debt can a city be a benefit is a child a debt is any one a benefit im not trying to bum you out i just asked if you could cash this cash this trade one piece of paper for another