I'm Screaming Can You

Written by Venessa Marie Villarreal on January 2, 2013
Arranged by Austin Islam on January 11, 2013
Published in Issue 005

i'm screaming, can you hear me, i'm yelling
at the top of my lungs 'why can't you h
ear me' or maybe you can?
maybe you don't care, maybe it's how it should be
but i can't stop yelling your name, i can't stop

feeling your voice, tasting your sm
ile all i want is

to look into your hea
rt / connect with your soul
every time i feel close every time i project my voice: you turn away

i have the worst ti
ming but i can think of that now

time is just a figment of someone other's imagination
it's holding me back, it holds us all back
my heart skipped a beat just now. i heard a remnant of your laugh
i saw a glimpse of your smile and it skipped
this troublesome burden of love is a curse, it haunts us all
it tears through our walls and sneaks beyond our borders
invading infecting and tormenting yet i am still yelling,
'your name', reaching for your heart but something pulls me back
something stops me from reaching for it, is it you

are you stopping me? i'm caught, caught between two hearts
one reaching and connected to mine and one that i am reaching for
but it keeps just out of my grasp... it's all timing i guess
time is my burden too, love and time everything has its place
and it seems mine is set, i have no more time left to reach for you
or i will drag those connected to me into a hell that they should never know
but my heart has a beat (a small hidden beat) only for you

always you, it will skip when i hear you
flutter when you laugh - sink when you're gone.. time..
time never changes it burdens us all and with it love right by its side
like poison in an open wound it seeps, it spreads
i welcome this poison it makes me feel human it makes me feel