I'd Like To Try To Visually Re

Written by Jayinee Basu on October 27, 2012
Arranged by Lexi Roberts on November 11, 2012
Published in Issue 003

Id like to try to visually re:

Present the maturation of a person whose development in the mirror stage is:

  • somehow interrupted or supplemented so she sees her own face or doubles everywhere and
  • develops some manner of universal empathy but also universal aggression

"I want the piece to un f o l d

chronologically, being like

a transcript of

her mental activity."

thats why I thought the first part (the pre I stage) should be sort of like a concrete poem:

"before the mirror's tage

 the world of the Imaginary is made up

of image.


to translate

the imaginary into the symbolic

act of writing

concrete poetry."

*does this in the same way*

drawing does but lim(it (s))

It (s):

  • palette to understandable symbols and words
  • slowly these symbols will make up the form of the I


"I would,

 like the actual object of

the artists book

itself at the end,

 to represent the I by filling it"


With records of images and thoughts (some thoughts being hyper, clear, and some fading

i n a n d o u t in the way memory tends to like the hippocampus itself functions) I want to use a





typewriter to achieve transparent text


*later in the story the character will be married to the uncanny by falling in love*


with a person with epilepsy so far I really feel like Ive bitten off more than I can chew....