Ian OK I Love You

Private email sent to Ian Aleksander Adams, reposted to Facebook
Selected for Clearly Stated by Mauzy Virginia on January 3, 2012
Written by Alison Ozer on January 2, 2013
Arranged by Benjamin Loeffler on January 14, 2013
Published in Issue 005

ian ok i love you and as aM̵ͩͥ̓͌̌̿̿̍ͦ͏̶̮̤͓̳̙̦͓̜̻Ō̢̟̩͇͙̝̖ͫ͗̃̽͆͘͜Ṃ͇̩̲͉̯̰̹͆͋́̊̇ͨand fellow human i am rooting for you i looked at the site and here are my honest reactions this maybe a good exercise for you to lean html but i do not think it is for publication or a porfolio in ie there is a lot of overlap of text too the poems themselves could be arranged better visually each line some lines run on and some have a return http clearlystated net issue 000 table of contents index overlapping with each entry actually this is on most pages so ian in spite of the name this is not clearly presented it maybe a forum for you and rin to express yourselves it is not with broad appeal remember not everything you or someone does says is worthy of sharing ian truly if you are going to apply for jobs in this field i would suggest you clean up your sites this looks like a kids beginning web site for some high school or college course you will likely dismiss my feedback but you can ask a professional hopefully someone who is not just interested in pleasing you with a good job response no matter what you do not a friend i think your comic book site is more visually interesting workable and has layers and focus and colorful content find your best work professional looking photos etc and put that together on a portfolio web site remove the garbage it overwhelms and takes away from a focus on your best work leve your personal journal stuff elsewhere and not as public ian there are reasons for certain design and business marketing practices in use of web i think reading some books on that and marketing could be well worth your time use the tools out there
adobe creative suite ian please get out of room your box your limited circle of fans
you are spread over the net and most of what comes across is a young talented person seekling to find a place with very quickly changing focus not developed meanwhile there are companies hiring and training college grads with less experience than you you have programming and design skills photo skills photo shop etc experience a lot more than many show you can apply yourself to some larger purpose game plan be of service if you stay in your bubble with just your artsy fan base around you you may land up watching the world go by i know you work hard at play perhaps work less hard and then play really fyi was a liberal arts major and is now going to work for a software company in madison wisconsin that is hiring 1000s of workers a year there are jobs out there for smart talented motivated grads i think the company is called epic there are cool artsy folk in your generation working in many young companies across the states and probably right where you are too ian go for it this new year you are 27 now a young man i'd love to see you step up and i'd love to see you share some fun times with us good luck M̄́͐̽̂ͫ́̀̃̽̅̍̎ͮ҉̬̠̝̩͇͉̕Ỏ̧̨͎̰͖̪̟̜̼̱͔̲̦̘̟̻͓̊̎ͭ̏́ͮͮ̆ͯ͊̾M̴̨̧̝̼̼͚͚̮̫̟̯̻͙͙̻͇̰̝͈͆͑͆̓̆̑̇