I Was A Fly

Written by Lexi Roberts on January 6, 2013
Arranged by Matt Takaichi on January 13, 2013
Published in Issue 005

i was                                                [a fly]
Reincarnated into a                          ?      ![fly swatter]
i'm not sure                           [how many wings]  ! ? !
i've collected but there’s                      [a whole jar]
Here of                                      [flies]  ! ?
that won’t reincarnate because                 [you killed them] ! !
with your                                 [bare hands]  !   !
i just want                                        [to sleep]? !
i just want to sleep against                   [flypaper] ? !   !
or maybe press your                               ?  ![cheek]
against it too                        [stop seriously just stop]??
doing this you're                              !  ? [damn fly]
well then convince me                         [otherwise] ! ! !
because                                     [i swear these] !
tattoos                                      [of broken wings] ! ?
on my back                                    [are real]  !
and i swear you make                              [me feel like] ??
I'm 200 times                              [smaller than you]  ! !

well if you don't shut up, i'm going to throw you into a jar like the [fly] that you are. we'll find one big enough and maybe i'll put myself in it you [stupid gnat]!