I Keep Wanting

Written by Moon Temple on December 12, 2012
Arranged by Rin Alexander Ascher on December 15, 2012
Published in Issue 004

I keep wanting.

To say I'm sorry, I don't know why.

i'm sorryi'm sorryi'm sorryi'm sorry

(i'm sorry,)

You got into fights; a school for the mentally ill.  I didn't know they had those...

You were a bad kid. I would have thought that you were hot if I was in high school.  At the same time, you were in high school.  You played football!  (and then you didn't.)

Play football anymore??

It's like an after-school special: you listened to KORN.  Do you have pictures of you?

In high school, a high school for the mentally ill, seems like it would make a kid more mentally ill.  Wow. That's good. Probably.  But.. I was mentally ill.

In a quiet way, I think i dropped out.  b/c I 'didn't give a fuck?'

I smoked pot all day, every day.  I ran away from home.

((10th: it was, like, April))

"I was already living with my boyfriend, so, my mom didn't say anything."

Because I wouldn't talk to her: I was a little shit.  Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was fucked!!!!!!!!!!!

"I just wanted to take acid.... yeah.... everyone was really mad at me. They thought I was crazy and destroying my life."

Yes!!!! I have a GED! It was easy! I scored!

In the 99th percentile for 4/5 of the tests, I only didn't do great.  On the history test, I got like a 670, or 'something.'

I'm not good at history.

Because it's facts, I don't remember facts.


(and reading comprehension)

Well.... the test was things.

Like: in what year did Lincoln issue the emancipation proclamation? I don't know!!!!!

What year?!!!

"I remember that question specifically, because i just looked at it and thought. I have never learned this."

I never learned what year.


i am going now good-night.