I Get Anxiety

Selected gchats from December 13, 2012 - January 3, 2013
Written by Benjamin Loeffler on January 3, 2013
Arranged by Jmar Atienza on January 8, 2013
Published in Issue 005

i get anxiety when youre not on chat 
thats fucked up even if youre not really 

.  .  t  h  e  r  e  .  . 

its better to see your name 
i worry that maybe somethings happened 
like you are 

.  .  d  e  a  d  .  .
or maybe you spilled coffee on yr server 
youre not funny or cute 
i wonder how many years that will work for you 

.  .  u  g  h  .  . 

i have fucking g g g g gg dandruffff 

.  .  u  g  l  h  y  .  . 

pijghqerge gqelk rg kefklghqdfk lg kldwfghw dfgkl fl 
gdfjl gjkl efg kla klgjks fgk df ljgsdf klgdfksglk asklsdfl 

kgdsf lkg lksdfg 

    kdfgl kdf 


dfklngsdfkgkajdf sdf klgd fkgdk g kf klgfklfgkl 

gf klgf 
    klgfk gf
    lgfkl gf 
    klgf         lkgf 

lkgf lkg klf lkgf klgf klgfl kgflk 
    g klfgl kgl kgf kfgkl gf klfglkgfkl 

gflkfglk gf lkfgl kfgl kfgl kgf klgfl kgf glfkg flkgf lkgfl kfglkhrt khr 

gr gr r e ..........................        ........        ..... rere re r er 

    e r r re rer e re r rr r r rr     r     r rr 
        r rr r dd d 
            d dd d 
                v v         v v

okay people are starting to get suspicious 
theyre worried im typing too             fast
my crush just liked me on facebook