I Found A Really Long Hair

Written by Mauzy Virginia on January 22, 2013
Arranged by Earl Rose on January 29, 2013
Published in Issue 006

i found a really long hair
on my arm
today after a shower but before

i had gotten dressed i
was checking for new face
book notifications and dripping
on my floor when i saw

it .

it wasnt thick like a mole hair or anything it
was thin even thinner
than a regular arm hair

i was scared some part of my body wasnt working correctly
was this the beginning of the end was
that the first step towards the cancer
or whatever that would eventually kill me ?

i pulled it out it
didn’t hurt at all
the hair was so frail
almost invisible
and about an inch and a half

long how long
had it been growing there how had
i not noticed until now did it grow
faster than normal hair or just longer
am i stuck with it forever ?

will this particular follicle continue to spit
out this shitty hair for the rest of my life
will i eventually become fond of it find it
endearing how does normal hair even know ?

when to stop why aren’t all of my hairs that long if

i dont cut the
hair on my head or the hair
on my genitals it seems
to keep growing forever
but if the rest of my hair is any sign
they would stop eventually

i’ve just never let them get to their natural length
i wonder how long my natural length is my poor body
always so stressed trying to push more and more hair
out to reach some innate ideal only to have that
asshole me cut it short again ~

i wonder if that’s why i hate myself

i worry i
will die
before i
create anything worthwhile
but now
i know at least i
created that hair ~.