Fuck You Love Me Be

Written by Chief McFrank on December 30, 2012
Arranged by Audrey Mardavich on January 11, 2013
Published in Issue 005

fuck you - love me / be free version 1.0

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oh look,     im free

just kidding FUCK THIS mom/dad 
come at me bro
tell me I have to do something
it's bullshit, you know it
i'm moving        two-thousand miles away
i'm packing up    my car and driving
all day           and all night
until I reach that glorious      fucking      sanctuary
of peace/redemption
self-actualization and other big words
that mean only :: GOOD THINGS

even when bad things say HELLO I just don't care about this place at present
it's not helping me / it's not HURTING ME
but it's definitely not fucking helping me
it's just encouraging me to stay THE SAME
and never go beyond

I need something new / I need some danger
I need some uncertainty and adversity   but most of all
I need a     HOME
that enables me to face THAT SHIT head on
I'm breaking      out of this
I'm getting mine      no doubts this time
no second guesses     no stutters or side-stepping
I'm just gonna fucking DO IT
because that's the point of    LIFE
at least one of them you gotta be able to say THIS IS ME
and I'm gonna be it because I'm me
and I don’t give A FUCK if it's weird / non-respectable
or some other hollow      bullshit adjective
I'm me       go fuck yourself
but love me       because
I love you   for being you