Ever Since We Were

Written by Rin Alexander Ascher on February 23, 2012
Arranged by Ian Aleksander Adams on April 9, 2012
Published in Issue 001

Ever since...

We were born in this room.

I have seen
the specters peep-
ing through

The wasted eye sock-
ets of skulls and
speaking in tongues

Against every clock,

Our baby teeth gathered,
to us fierce and totemic.
They don't want to harm us,
only curiously watch.

As we learned to love one another, we held hands.
So tightly, that deep.

Purple bruises appeared like film developing
in the dark
with its smell
of paper crumbling.

Beneath the weight of time and drying dusty roses;
Our room was a museum of arcane pleasures.
Two little boys who write in one diary.

A pair of parentheses formed

by the opening of reciprocal mouths ( )