During Credits

End of Shoplifting For American Apparel movie script
submitted to Clearly Stated on January 13, 2013
Written by Pirooz Kalayeh on December 7, 2012
Arranged by Meta Knight on January 27, 2013
Published in Issue 006

during credits we will show clips of bloopers.

that happened during the making of the film.

this will begin.

and be intercut with a live musical jam.

in pirooz's apartment with the cast and some special guests including moby, sean lennon, and potentially other musicians.

who can come for an impromptu day session on the last day of shooting?

last word: potentially have a last word from tao lin of what?

(he thinks of film at the very end of credits; in the foreground we see an imovie clip of the actual tao lin talking.

the clip appears as a smaller square in the upper left of the screen.)

in the background is an actual chalk board!


you see a hand writing the text that appears below!
'this is the real real tao lin.'

'again' is written on the chalkboard by a hand.

'extreme close up:' tao lin.

ad lib.

camera slowly pans out and to the left to reveal: that it is jordan and brad who have taken turns to write each word of the sentence!

brad and jordan then play hangman...

after one of them loses we see them write:

the end!

(in as many languages as they can, editing note: we do not need to adhere to the timing of the dialogue that tao provides in the imovies; we are rather favoring the action that is created in the foreground by brad and jordan. this will create the maximum...comedic effect(?).... tao lin (!)...contd ad lib... i thought this movie was seventeen percent better than artificial intelligence i also like:_beer_and_broccoli_)