Don't Even Want

Written by Zaria Marie on January 15, 2012
Arranged by Ian Eberhart on January 31, 2013
Published in Issue 006

dont even want to write anything down...

because putting it into real words makes me feel so (((stupid)))

i could (((die))) i am (((sad))) a lot of the [[time]] and i [[think]] about you most of the [[time]] but i feel )))better((( when i [[think]] about (you) than when i dont and i feel )))better((( when ((im)) with )(you)( than when (im) not

even when (i) (((hate))) being with ))((you))(( even when you make me (((cry))) it is ))nice((

in a [[way]]

)(to know what it feels like)(

to have )))(((you)))((( make me ))feel(( (((terrible))) ))

it would be ))nice(( in a [[way]]

)(to know what it )feels( like)(

to have )(you)( make me )feel(



it would mean...

i know you maybe.....