Deflate Me For I

Written by Lexi Roberts on December 21, 2012
Arranged by Jayinee Basu on December 24, 2012
Published in Issue 004

Deflate ME
for I HAVE
sinned help ME
I'm falling up into the SKY
around the bends OF
a reality I
I would know AND
somehow these CHAIRS
are sinking to THE
bottom of the SNOW
like snowmen DRIPPING
into the cracks of THE
sidewalk i dont think WE
ever drowned the right WAY
we were JUST
trying to fill CRACKS
with essence that REALLY
wasn't essence just ebb AND
flow and ebb and flow AND
ebb and flow these things I
was sure of because I could FEEL
it in my bones sometimes I
stuck my finger BETWEEN
my ribs to TRY AND FEEL
if I had lungs at all BUT
I found that THE
more I looked and the MORE
I felt the more I realized NO
one has lungs we just HAVE
deflated tires oranges squeezed TO
a pulp into oblivion into isolation I
go into tunnels when I AM
afraid because it's THE
only place where THE
shadows subside I
take a portrait OF
you and ME
except you are THE
shadow so YOU
never show up ON
the exposure.