Can We Oscillate

Written by Lexi Roberts on November 11, 2012
Arranged by Ian Aleksander Adams on November 11, 2012
Published in Issue 003

Can we - o s c i l l a t e {

until i find my s el f going ba ck

and forth and

b ac k

and ba ck

and forward and b ack }

inside to the things i used to know / underneath this head there is no shadow
| split mind | split strands of | split

Consciousness - i spend three days looking for shelter.

Among the shadows of my ceiling fan, it swept b ac k

and forth along my spine, these dreams were never mean,

T-to han / dle sha / dow / s

and they fade and appear like monsters and i scream out a question of accord,

"why do shadows make me feel?"

s o a l o n e a n d t h e


bobs b ac k
and forth

in reply like the ceiling fans and shadows and
o s c i l l a t i o n s and strands of
c o n s c i o u s n e s s inside my mind