Aug 27

Written by Micco Caporale on August 29, 2012
Arranged by Ian Aleksander Adams on February 1, 2013
Published in Issue 006

Aug 27 1. Went to the doctor was told my heart rate is too low and I said what about athletes and she said touché she lifted up my shirt to press on my organs and said oh you workout like I have six pack abs also saw her face sag when I said I'd only had one sexual partner in the last year. 2. Got an anti depressant prescription without having to ask for it doctor said it was the largest amount of that pill shed ever prescribed anyone and kept double checking that that's actually the dose I take you're too small to take this much she said too small to be so sad 3. Was taken out to a raw buffet by some good friends and couldn't stop eating have you ever had raw lasagna also found the cheapest most delicious Indian grocery store and made plans to go on mad bike rides and got hooked up with a bunch of shows if I wanted to go to them also found a bank called Devon banks and lol'd because you know 30 Rock 4. Realized that sometimes I just talk way too much and need to try harder to listen Aug 28 I made a list of goals made a time budget made up for all that raw food with a whole lotta junk food 2. Contemplated questions like why am I sexually attracted to some of my male friends but do not desire more than friendship from them why am I sexually attracted to some of my male friends and do desire more than friendship but settle for friendship because I know that's all they can give me and why am I sexually attracted to some of my male friends but can't accept only friendship from them why aren't there words that better describe the different kinds of attraction we feel 3. Drove past Chipotle where a man with one arm screamed "que pasa ahora" into the car 4. Was told I had to wash my hoodie if I wanted to keep living with my mom Aug 29 1. Went jogging and couldn't figure out how to get home wandered through lots of luscious overgrown backyards pretending to be an explorer looking for a rare plant cure for scabies also found a petting zoo 2. Rode bikes to the Indian grocery store with one of my good friends bought things like two-foot long green beans and aloo masala potato chips while telling her about the time I made a guy cum so hard he fell over made the woman at the checkout counter laugh a lot too which was good because she had such a sour face when we walked up 3. Spent a lot of time talking about sex and sexuality and being straight vs. being gay vs. being queer and figuring that shit out contemplated questions like what does it mean to be read as straight but to live as queer and visa versa can you be straight but politically queer when is it irrelevant to adopt queer as an identity 4. Made a mental note to visit Alibis the overforty bar by moms house with a little kissy logo on the sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!