All I Could Think

Translated into English from the original German by Anthea Bell
Selected for Clearly Stated by Catherine Woodward on December 18, 2012
Written by W.G. Sebald on November 6, 2001
Arranged by Daniel Alexander on December 28, 2012
Published in Issue 004

all I could think, was that! such a sentence only appears. to mean. something but in truth is at best. a makeshift expedient, a kind of unhealthy growth, issuing from our ignorance. something... which we use in the same way. as many sea plants and animals use their tentacles! to grope blindly through the darkness. enveloping us. The very thing which may usually convey a sense. of. purposeful intelligence. the exposition of an idea by means of a certain. stylistic facility! now seemed to me nothing but an entirely deluded. enterprise. I could see no connections any more! the sentences resolved themselves into a series of separate words! the words into random sets of letters! the letters into disjointed signs! and those signs into a blue grey trail gleaming silver here and there! excreted and left behind it. by some crawling creature. and the sight of it filled me with feelings of horror and shame.