Against I Ran

Written by Josué Rivera on May 10, 2012
Arranged by Rin Alexander Ascher on June 12, 2012
Published in Issue 002

Against I Ran

Walk across,  street dancing, all three sit in a room.

With three walls, sleep days go so slow.  In, around, or near us... after her.
After sun.

"Stop crying..."

After sun,  stop seeing.  "It could happen! Not always like this."

Never saw so alone, come to look at me walk. No one walking all. It was weird.

Save cigarette butts across town for poor.  Girl-pee on Jesus.  Back and forth.
Go, too.

With cigarette butt dancing, withering feeling, I love you.  "Something to say, boy." Took beauty queen, giving pills across town, "Hiding," you said.

I used to be happy.  Listen to her breathing, feel nothing.  See nothing.

On the bed she smiles. To know her I lost my tooth here.

Not there to see her, not see her at all. Sit. Listen.

For sound, it's cold.  You're not here.  I want to sleep for you. Open, see.

Inside, almost gone.

(i'm lazy wow what a great idea for a movie)