Clearly Stated is a word game and monthly wordworks publication. Currently this site hosts 170 different works by 1302 contributors.

Each work here is the result of a collaboration between at least two contributors. Site visitors can toggle the view of each piece through the icon below the title section of each work.

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View the submit page for information on how the publication works or just check out our latest issue.

Issue 000 collects outtakes from the process, Issue 001 contains the original back and forths from 2008-2012, and Issue 002 and Issue 003 collect poems from Clearly Stated's stint on Tumblr. Issue 004 was the first original issue for this site. 

More information on how the publication will be distributed is available on the store page.

The blog is still hosted on Tumblr. Feel free to submit feedback and questions to the blog ask box.

Clearly Stated is edited by Moon Temple with assistance from Ian Aleksander Adams.

Previous editors were Josué Rivera and Ian Aleksander Adams

It was founded by Rin Alexander Ascher and Ian Aleksander Adams and the site was created by Ian and Caden Lovelace.




"Clearly Stated: A Collaborative Lit Project" at Banango Lit

Beach Sloth Review of Issue 006 Part 1 / Part 2



Curious to take a peek behind the scenes? Here's a video Caden created to introduce people to the updated backend.